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Ambrosia Salad is a long time favorite salad that has a somewhat old fashioned attachment. When we think of Ambrosia Salad, we might think about our grandmothers who made it, or annual extended family gatherings where it is prerequisite to such a gathering of the clans. It also can be more or less sweet, depending on who is making it, and what ingredients are included. One ingredient is always included in this salad, although how, is often argued, and that is coconut.

Ambrosia means fragrant. This salad first started appearing about the mid-1800s when citrus fruit became more widely available. Then, the salad was a simple layering or oranges and other citrus interspersed with sugar, and of course, the obligatory coconut. Sometimes it was canned coconut, and sometimes it was creamed, and other times it was shredded. But it was always there. This is also a salad that is associated with the South, and it is in the south that this recipe began to be elaborated upon and made with additional ingredients, especially whipped cream. This recipe is a fun twist on this classic dessert, combining sure to please marshmallows, which have also come to be associated with this treat. There is a wonderful blend of fresh and canned fruit, including maraschino cherries, which should be added at the last minute. As well, this salad is a bit fragile, and should be eaten shortly after it is put together. Otherwise, the fruits can begin to bleed their juices and the whole thing could turn to mush. This version of Ambrosia Salad is a favorite of the kids for the marshmallows. Some recipes call for plain mini marshmallows, but others use the multi-flavored, multi-colored varieties. Perhaps your little helpers can decide which to put in your Ambrosia Salad! To make this a healthier version, you could use real whipping cream instead of cool whip. Get the full recipe and instructions at the Get Recipe link below to Life In The Lofthouse.

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