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Cleaning stains from pots is a difficult feat, but this method will help you return your stained pots and pans to shining new in a matter of minutes. Felicia, an author at the Snapguide website, learned her method for how to remove stains from pots, from a friend of hers. The cleaning process involves a few products you might have in your home already, as well as the heat from the stove. Felicia can not only tell you how to remove spots from the inside of the stained pot or pan but also how to remove them from the sides and bottom. If you are intrigued by having a cleaning method that takes minutes, employs few ingredients and can return all your pans to looking like new, check out Felicia’s step-by-step instructions on her website.

Felicia shows that cleaning pots and pans doesn’t have to be hard, especially if they are very stained like hers were. Her friend ended up using Comet cleaner, which is a cleaning product that can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, or any other area of the home. It is also safe to use on a variety of surfaces, such as marble, ceramic tile, and stainless steel which your pots may be made of. The Comet cleaner gets combined with water in the stained pan and boiled on the stove until the stains lift. This is the best way to clean pots because it doesn’t require a lot of time or scrubbing. In fact, the simmering should pick up the stains without you having to scrub the pot or pan at all. If you don’t feel safe using Comet on products you cook with, though, because it contains bleach and other ingredients, a good substitution to Felicia’s cleaning method would be natural baking soda. Since baking soda is used in baking and safe to consume, it is among the safest cleaning products to use in your kitchen. Simply sprinkle it onto your pots and pans, add water and boil until the stains lift, just as they do with the Comet.

To remove the stained from the outside and bottom of the pots and pans, Felicia used an oven cleaner, which is designed to pick up harsh stains from the oven. If the oven cleaning product is sprayed on the stained pans and left for awhile, you will notice the stains starting to lift a few hours later. Once that is done, you will have to use some elbow grease to rub away the stains. If you don’t like the idea of using a chemical cleaning product to clean your pots and pans, though, you could substitute with a paste of baking soda and water. You want the baking soda mixture to be thick enough to coat your stained pot or pan in a similar way to the oven cleaner. Once you apply the paste to the stains, allow the pot to sit for several hours or overnight until the stains start to lift. Then, you can scrub and wash the pans like normal.

The next time you need to know how to clean a pan with burnt food, check out Felicia’s steps for removing stains with ease. Without much time, effort or scrubbing, you will have your pots and pans looking like new again. If you don’t like using chemical cleaners, though, baking soda and water can be a safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly substitute to traditional oven cleaner or Comet, while getting the job done. Thank you to Felicia, the author of the Snapguide website, for sharing her instructions for cleaning stains from pots and pans.

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