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Burnt pans are inevitable, even if you are an avid cook, but the process of cleaning them can be challenging while yielding poor results. Macy, a contributor to the Popsugar website, has discovered how to remove stains from pots easily without having to undergo excessive scrubbing. Macy uses three different household cleaning products to get the job done; two of the items make complete sense to cleaning pots and pans, but the other one, a dryer sheet, doesn’t. The dryer sheet is essential to efficiently cleaning burnt pots and pans, though, and shouldn’t be substituted or eliminated from Macy’s instructions. Once you have witnessed how effective using a dryer sheet is to remove stains from your pots and pans, you will be telling all your friends and family.

To start the cleaning process, you are supposed to fill the suspect pan with your favourite dish soap, as well as water. There are so many dish soap brands, but choose one that is particularly good for cutting through grease. A fabric softener sheet is added to the water mixture and soaked for one hour. While one hour should be sufficient to remove most of the stains from the pots, you may have to let your pots sit longer if they have tougher stains on them. This cleaning method will work well for stainless steel pots and pans, as well as non-stick ones. No one is quite certain of how the dryer sheets work so effectively to lift stains from pots and pans, but one thing is for sure, they figure into many house cleaning tips and tricks around the home. Besides being used in the dryer to soften clothes, fabric softener sheets are used to wipe up dust around the home and wash dishes. They have the ability to pick up whatever you use them on, including stains on your stained pots.

Although you may think this cleaning method is limited to burned pots and pans, they will work if you are wondering how to clean a frying pan too. Simply follow Macy’s steps for cleaning traditional pots and pans, and watch as you get your frying pans to looking like new as well. You can also apply this method to baking sheets, that may have become blackened in the oven from sheet pan dinners or baked recipes. The baking sheets may have to be soaked for a lengthier amount of time than pots and pans since they don’t always get as thorough a clean. When you are finished cleaning your baking sheets, place them in a warm oven to dry off completely. Lingering water can cause your baking sheets to start rusting, but drying them in the oven will limit how long water stands on the metal.

If you love the idea of removing stains from your cookware and bakeware quickly, view the Popsugar website and Macy’s steps to making them look like new. Since you already have dish soap, water and fabric softener sheets in your home, you can follow through on the steps right away. One thing you may be concerned about is how many chemicals there are in fabric softener sheets. While there are chemicals in fabric softener sheets, and their use should be limited, this cleaning method is reserved for pans that have very difficult stains. As a result, you will only have to use these steps once in awhile when your kitchen equipment gets too difficult to clean. Otherwise, a paste of baking soda and water is an excellent option for removing less tough stains from your cooking and baking products. Thank you to Macy, the author of the Popsugar website, for sharing her steps for cleaning burnt pans.

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