Tips To Clean Your Toasters

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We have some cleaning tips to share with you from our featured you tube, Clean My Space with Melissa Maker. She has had quite a lot of experience in cleaning and shares useful tips and cleaning secrets.

There are so many kinds of toasters available. You have an option of brand, color, size, shape, popup and toaster ovens. They all have a similar function, and they all NEED to be CLEANED!!! So, we ask you the big question. When is the last time you cleaned your pop-up toaster or your toaster oven? When you are making toast, little bits of bread sometimes fall off, and that means burnt bits are accumulating on the bottom. If you use a toaster oven there are even more reasons for cleaning as this wonderful appliance not only makes your toast but you can bake in it melt cheese on things, and there will be gunk and spatter that accumulates on the sides, top and bottom.

If you don't clean your toaster, you are eventually heading for a bigger problem like the appliance catching fire. We are going to leave it to Melissa and her YouTube video to give you all the directions and tips you will need. The cleaning items you will require are a small cleaning brush like an old toothbrush, a little nail polish remover, cream of tartar, dish soap, a sponge and a cloth. I like that these are primarily non-toxic products, except for the nail polish remover, and that was the one item I was most curious about. Just want ever would you use that for?

If you have a toaster or toaster oven that is dirty and you are tempted to go and replace it because you can't stand to look at it anymore, please visit the Clean My Space website. You like me will also discover what the nail polish remover is used for.

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