This is one of the FIRST tiny house plans especially designed - and ACTUALLY USED - for Full-Time Living

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Building a home takes great patience and planning, but with the help of the internet, finding the plans is made easy. This is one of the first tiny house plans especially designed and actually used for full time living. There are so many people becoming interested in going tiny. But everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to a home. In these tiny house designs you'll find a lot of components of a full sized house, packed into a home a quarter of the size. If you're looking for the best small home plans, this is definitely one of them. The plans are for a 170 square foot tiny house, with a kitchen, a full sized fridge and a washing machine, which makes it easier to live as you normally would. In these plans, there's also an office nook which is perfect for those who work from home, as well as a queen bed in the sleeping loft. Unlike other tiny houses with a composting toilet, this tiny house has a porcelain toilet that can be hooked up to a city sewage system, as well as a small bath tub which makes it feel like a real home.

One of the main concerns at the moment for tiny house living is whether they are deemed legal or not. If you're aware of current zoning troubles with tiny houses on wheels, you've probably already heard that many people, especially those living in major city centres, are having a harder time getting their tiny houses permitted for full time living. Under many of the city bylaws in places all around the world, tiny houses are too small to be considered full time living arrangements. Tiny house builders can become registered as RV builders which enables them to certify their tiny houses on wheels as RVs, but this still doesn't really allow the owners to live in them full time. Many people just say that their tiny house is just a studio which makes it legal, but not for living in all the time. Living out in a rural setting isn't as big of a deal as trying to find a lot to park a tiny house on wheels in a big city, but some people wish to continue living in the city in their tiny house so they're close to work and all of the amenities they need.

But thankfully there are people who are a part of the tiny house community who have stepped up to ask their city officials to think about changing the rules and regulations around housing to include these tiny abodes. Many cities in the US and Canada are gaining momentum in getting tiny houses on wheels approved but just like any law changing process it can take a while to come through. There are great incentives to making tiny houses legal though, including providing affordable housing for homeless and those struggling in life. Getting people off the streets and into homes should be the first step in any rehabilitation. When people have a home, they usually find it easier to have the confidence to get a job and maintain their lifestyle, rather than bouncing around from shelter to shelter without a place to call home. There are currently cities in the US like Kansas City that have begun to implement a housing program for war veterans to help them integrate back into American life. Programs like this have amazing benefits for the people who use the services as well as building community and fostering real supportive relationships. If you are thinking about building your own tiny house on wheels check out some of the best small home plans on The Small House Catalog.***

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