These cabin kits are perfect for those seeking a quality cabin kit that is easy to assemble

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If you're looking for log home building kits, these cabin kits are perfect for those seeking a beautiful quality cabin kit that is easy to assemble. Buying a log home kit can be a bit investment to make, so it's important to do your research on the best log home plans and designs. This Alaska Tundra 3 Lam Phoenix Timber Cabin is one of the Cabin Kits by Pan Adobe Cedar Homes, a company out of Renton, Washington that has been in the log home building business for over 60 years. Even though they are located in the US, they ship worldwide so everyone can have a taste of true log house or cabin living. All of the cabin kits from Pan Adobe Cedar Homes are seasonal, meaning that they are usually not rated for residential use and they are non code review products. The company does offer log house kits that comply with codes and regulations as well, if you're looking for something a bit more full time. This cabin would be perfect for a summer cabin at the lake to use recreationally, and it has that rustic cabin appeal everyone knows and loves. The logs are finished in a traditional fashion, pre-cut and notched and then wrapped for protection in transit.

All of the materials are included in these kits, the flooring, the wall system, hardware, doors, roof system, windows, all interior walls as well as the log home plans and designs. Like most other log home building companies, there are additional items that can be added onto the packages, including decks, metal roofing, interior doors and insulation packages. You could even add in a skylight or two to your home if you wanted to. The Alaska Tundra log house has a nice, simple design spread out over one level. When you're building a log cabin for recreational use, all you need is a bare bones type of design, especially if you like that rustic camping style. One or two bedrooms is usually enough to accommodate a family in a cabin. Since you'll only be staying there short term, it's okay for the kids to share a room, and even sleep in bunk beds while you spend time at the cabin. Adding the deck onto the front of the cabin would be a great feature, the perfect spot to put a barbecue and enjoy some grilled food on a warm day.

Recreational cabins have been used for quite some time now. During the 1800s, people began to build second residences that would be used as a vacation home for pleasure use. It was designed as a way to get away from the hectic ways of city living. As time went on, more and more people began getting recreational cabins and it was very common for most people to have one. Cabins were shared amongst families or even a group of friends to make it worth while and so it didn't sit empty too much. Once the older generation became too old to manage the cabin, one of the younger family members would take it over and keep it in the family. These days, people are able to rent out other people's cabins so they don't have to buy their own, and RVing has also become a popular way of getting away for a while, and is like a cabin on wheels. Log cabins provide people with a sense of connection to the natural world and give them a place to catch up on their rest and relaxation. Enjoy the Alaska Tundra cabin and many others on the Pan Adobe Cedar Homes.***

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