The Right Way to Clean Your Drip Coffee Maker

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Want to learn the right way to clean your drip coffee maker, the one where you can use all-natural, eco friendly cleaners? Let’s face it; our coffee makers are usually the last appliance to receive any attention when it comes to cleaning our kitchens, but they’re usually the first one that we go to when we get up in the morning. Truly, our coffee makers are our best friends, ones that don’t really respond positively to our constant neglect. Dirty coffee machines tend to make bitter-tasting coffee after a while. A clean coffee machine will not only work better, but it will make higher-quality coffee, and last a great deal longer as well.

We’ve all done it; we’ve all neglected our coffee makers at one time or another. No matter how passionate we might be about our morning coffee – carefully measuring out our coffee beans, grinding them, and pouring them into the coffee filter – our coffee machines can get downright filthy from morning after morning of sleepy oblivion. What happens is, over time, hard water deposits can start amassing inside your machine, eventually clogging the holes where the water drips through, and clouding the glass carafe so you can’t even see what colour your coffee is anymore. Water becomes hard when it’s subjected to high quantities of minerals that become suspended within it. These solid particles stick to surfaces, slowly build up, and can be quite difficult to remove. If you have hard water, you’ll be able to tell from these filmy, greenish-white deposits that accumulate in your tub, in your sink, and in your dishwasher. You can alleviate this issue by buying a water filter that hooks right onto your kitchen faucet, or you can use a water pitcher that filters your tap water as you fill it. If you opt for one of these solutions, then be sure to use filtered water to make your coffee every day. Not only will this make your coffee taste much better, but it will also cut down on the amounts of hard water build-up – or “scales” – in your coffee machine, so you won’t have to clean it as much. A great house cleaning tip is to always use soft water when you are cleaning – that way, you are leaving behind fewer hard water deposits.

Another reason why it’s important to clean your drip coffee maker on a regular basis is because the oils in coffee can become rancid after a while, and when they build up in your machine, they will eventually give your coffee an “off” flavour. A clean and well-maintained coffee machine will give you delicious coffee every time, and will also make your coffee as speedily and efficiently as possible. If it’s been a long time since you last cleaned your machine, don’t worry. You’ll be relieved to know that most coffee makers can bounce back fairly quickly after a good cleaning or two – and you won’t have to use heavy-duty industrial cleaners to do it, either. There are a few simple all natural house cleaning ingredients that you probably already have that will work perfectly. This handy article on how to clean your drip coffee maker comes from “The Creek Line House” blog, where you can find plenty of house cleaning tips for the kitchen.*

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