The painless way to clean microfiber furniture!

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If you have microfiber furniture, you know they are easy to maintain, but difficult to clean if left for long periods of time between cleanings. Microfiber is a soft, cosy fabric that can be gently brushed to remove particles like crumbs or pet hair, but once left to build up over time, that may become too much effort. Courtenay, the writer of The Creek Line House lifestyle blog, has some excellent home cleaning recipes for getting rid of dirt on microfiber furniture without spending tonnes of time on it. Her microfiber furniture was particularly challenging to clean because she has a busy household and her dog likes to sleep on the furniture too. As a result, the hair and particles built up on the furniture to almost an unimaginable level. Her cleaning method doesn’t require any special sofa cleaner; rather she relies on a few household products and common sense to get her microfiber furniture looking new again.

Courtenay’s first steps to cleaning microfiber furniture include a common household cleaner, rubbing alcohol, a white cloth and a brush. These cleaning products will help remove the worst of the dirt and residue on the microfiber furniture without damaging it. As Courtenay notes, it isn’t recommended to let moisture linger on the fabric, because it can stain easily. As a result, she decided to use rubbing alcohol, because it dries very quickly. A brush, which isn’t usually used for cleaning furniture, is beneficial here because it will help remove food particles and fur from the fibres. If your furniture isn’t very dirty, these steps will be perfect for making them look perfect again. If your furniture still has dirty residue, food particles and hair on it, you may have to take some additional steps to remove them. The initial method of using rubbing alcohol, cloth and brush worked well to remove the bulk of the dirt, but after much scrubbing, Courtenay found that after eight years of continuously using her furniture, this method wasn’t fully sufficient. Instead, she decided to use the washing machine to finish cleaning the microfiber, and the results were spectacular.

While it isn’t recommended to clean microfiber in a washing machine, Courtenay’s results were that the microfiber looked exactly like new again. She managed to force the microfiber fabric off the furniture so that she could place them in the washing machine. If you are concerned about how the fabric will react in the washing machine, it is best to wash it on a delicate cycle. Courtenay has had success washing on a normal cycle, though, and drying the microfiber on high heat. If you are concerned about shrinkage from the microfiber after cleaning, you can dry it halfway in the dryer and hang dry the rest of the way. Either way, you will be impressed by this easy method for cleaning microfiber.

If you have come to dislike your microfiber furniture due to difficulty cleaning it, Courtenay’s methods will have you loving it again. Using rubbing alcohol and a brush will remove the worst of the dirt from the fibres, while the washing machine will clean the microfiber the rest of the way without damaging it. Her readers list the varying temperatures they wash and dry their microfiber furniture covers at, and all seem to have had successful results. Check out Courtenay’s website for more information and photos of how to get the job done. You will never have need of a professional couch cleaner if you have Courtenay’s information for making it look clean. Thank you to Courtenay, the writer of The Creek Line House lifestyle blog, for sharing her information on cleaning microfiber furniture.

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