The Next time you are at Walmart, grab cheap string lights and copy this AMAZING idea to make your kitchen more cheery!

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Here's a fun DIY project that will give a little mood lighting to your kitchen. If you like having a bit of ambience around the house in the way of soft lighting, you are sure to like this easy DIY idea. When it gets dark outside, it's nice to have a bit of extra lighting, without having to turn on the main lights. This way you can grab yourself a glass of water, of a snack without having to turn on all the lights.And the good news is that this diy idea doesn't take a lot of materials or effort to do. The nice thing about these lights is that you can use them on gloomy, overcast days when it's a bit dark out, and your house will feel cozy and warm. You will want to take a look at the site for the full step by step tutorial on this fun DIY project.

The supplies that you will need for this DIY idea are some rope/tube lights, for this fun DIY project 18 feet were used, but 10 feet probably would have worked just as well. You will also need some Command rope lighting hooks. It's important to note that the rope lighting did, in fact, come with some clips and screws to help install the lights, but the creator of this DIY idea found that they were impossible to work with. The screws were really small, and they didn't work so well, so it's up to you which you will end up using for the project to do. The Command brand clips worked much better and were also easy to remove and wouldn't create permanent holes underneath the kitchen cabinets. For this DIY idea, you can follow the step by step instructions, and you can watch the video to see how easy this DIY idea really is.

You might notice in the short video how the lights reflected on the shiny wooden floor, there is not much you can do about that, and it will depend on what sort of flooring you have how the lights will reflect once the project is done. The lights really do light up the kitchen quite nicely, and they make the home feel nice. For this DIY idea, one of the questions that were asked the most is how and where she plugged in the rope lighting for this diy idea. In the kitchen, they have an outlet on the wall that is on the far right of their kitchen countertop, so the excess rope was hidden with their Keurig coffee machine, which sits right in front of the outlet. Then the rope goes down the side of the kitchen cabinet, and is secured to the side of the kitchen cabinet with the Command hooks, and hidden with our trash can since it sits in that spot. So you will have to consider how you will do that depending on how your kitchen counter is set up. You want to try and hide the lighting rope as best as you can.

Also, people have asked about the lights going down under the oven. She tried to make the rope lights as straight as possible and went under the oven without touching the oven drawer, so the rope is essentially laying on the floor underneath the oven. There haven't had been any issues with heat/melting. You will find this DIY idea on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find all sorts of DIY ideas, projects to do, fun DIY projects, crafts, decor, gardening, painting techniques, outdoor living and so much more. **

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