The easiest way to clean wood blinds

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Having blinds in your home is great; can use them to adjust the privacy and light in your home. But they can also be tough to clean, especially those wooden ones. If you hate cleaning your blinds as much as the next person, these cleaning tips are for you. It's easy to forget to clean your blinds every time you clean your house, but the more time goes by, the more they collect dust. The dust that collects can cause allergic reactions, so it's a good idea to keep the levels of dust in your home low. Many people are allergic to dust, and being around too much dust can make it hard to breathe, and it can also make our eyes itchy and red, it can also make us sneeze even if we don't have a severe allergy to it. Giving your blinds a cleaning every week will help to keep the levels of dust very low in your home But if they've gone longer without a cleaning, then you'll need to try out some of these simple life hacks to clean them more thoroughly.

Jessica, from Mom 4 Real shares some great cleaning tips with us to make cleaning our blinds easy and quick. All you need a rag or a cloth, a rubber band and a spatula. Just these three items will make a dusting wand that will help you dust your blinds really well. All you do is wrap the rag or cloth around the spatula and keep it in place by wrapping the rubber band around it. Then use your new cleaning wand to wipe in between the slats of your blinds, it's the perfect size to get right in there and clean each blind really well. Once you're all finished, just throw the rag in the wash and clean it up for next time. If you have lots of blinds in your home, you may want to use several different cloths for this cleaning tip and change out the cloth every once in a while to keep it clean. If you have really dirty blinds, like the ones in your kitchen that have been exposed to grease and grime from cooking, you can learn how to deep clean your blinds too. All you do is fill a bucket with some warm water and then just add in a dish soap. Before you wash your blinds them, vacuum the dust off with a vacuum, there should be a longer tool for blinds included with your machine.

You can also take a dry rag or cloth and quickly pick up any loose dust on the surface of the blinds. Start at the top of the blinds and work your way down. It also helps to clean the blinds in sections, top to bottom, left to right. So start by cleaning the outside edge of your blinds and then the two middle sections and lastly the right outer edge section. This way you won't forget to clean any of the slats in the blinds. Once you're dry dusted, you can then wash them really well with your warm water all on it's own, or with some dish soap in it. Make sure your cloth is just damp, not too wet and begin washing them well. You can also put your dirty blinds in the bath tub to wash them. This especially works well on greasy blinds. Put some vinegar in the water and submerge the blinds into the hot water. Let them sit for at lease 30 minutes and then you can scrub them with a cloth. These are just some of the wonderful simple life hacks and cleaning tips you'll find on Mom 4 Real.***

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