The easiest way to clean glass shower doors

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It is a pain when glass shower doors become laden with water stains and soap scum, but there is an efficient and effective way of cleaning them, which you will be amazed by. Anna, the author of the Ask Anna lifestyle blog, found her glass shower door cleaning method when she was particularly fed up with how challenging it was to make them look sparkling new. By talking to a friend, she discovered that all she would require for cleaning her shower doors was one cleaning product, along with a scouring pad and microfiber cloth. Once she had those products on hand, she went to work and this lead to attractive results in very little time. If you have similar issues with your shower and are looking for bathroom cleaning hacks to polish up your shower doors, check out Anna’s website where she provides a full list of photos and instructions. This method can also be applied to anywhere else in the home where you see a build-up of water stains.

The one product Anna relies on to clean her shower doors is Spot-X Hard Water Stain Remover, which is, as its name suggests, designed to clean water stains from the shower. This is one of the best cleaning products for bathroom because it will be able to help eliminate hard water stains from other areas besides the shower doors. Try using this cleaner on all the taps, showerhead, bathtub and sink surfaces as well. Alternatively, if you can’t find Spot-X Hard Water Stain Remover, as it has limited availability, Anna recommends substituting with Bar Keeper’s Friend, which is much easier to find. You will be able to locate it on Amazon, if not your local department store. You will find yourself scrubbing this glass door cleaner over the shower door to lift the hard water stains before rinsing. You may rinse the glass shower door cleaner from the door with the sprayer from the shower or simply wipe the soapy mixture away.

The next step for cleaning the shower doors would be to dry them thoroughly to ensure that water stains aren’t left on the doors. After all, you will have just finished cleaning them, so you won’t want them looking streaky once they are cleaned. Anna prefers to use a cloth that doesn’t leave lint behind, such as microfiber so that her job doesn’t get ruined. Microfiber cloths are a genius item to have in your home, especially with regards to kitchen cleaning, because they can sanitise without the use of chemical cleaning products. In fact, microfiber cloths are used in restaurants often because of their ability to sanitise surfaces and prevent foodborne illnesses. Supposedly they can even kill salmonella from surfaces that chicken has come in contact with as well. The bonus of using them for cleaning shower doors, though, is simply that they won’t leave lint behind on the surface. As a result, you may use any soft cloth that won’t scratch the doors or leave lint behind.

Once you have tried Anna’s method for cleaning shower doors, you will be using her process all the time, since it is so fast and efficient. You could even get your kids to do this task since it is so easy to accomplish. For more house cleaning tips, check out Anna’s website, which has instructions for any task you need to be done. She even has categories on organising the home and decorating. Thank you to Anna, the author of the Ask Anna lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions on cleaning a glass shower effectively.

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