The Best Way to Get Coffee Stains Out of Everything

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Coffee stains are an inconvenience when you have something you want to do or someplace to be, but the Good Housekeeping team at the ‘Good Housekeeping’ website has a few tricks up their sleeve to get rid of coffee stains from everything. Cleaning coffee stains out of carpets or clothing isn’t likely to happen quickly, but my employing a few of the website’s cleaning tips and tricks for getting coffee stains out of your beloved objects, you can be sure they will eventually disappear. When it comes to household cleaning, you would rather not have to clean up an unnecessary mess, but coffee spills do happen, and the Good Housekeeping team has several ways to deal with them.

You might wonder how to get coffee stains out of carpet since that is a place where coffee is spilled. You might be entertaining guests in your living room or simply enjoying a coffee while having some down time, but it is possible to get coffee out of carpet. When cleaning your carpet, you can blot up a lot of the coffee before it soaks completely into the carpet, so that you eliminate the severity of the stain. Once that is accomplished, you can proceed to cleaning the stain from the carpet entirely by using some dish soap, vinegar, and warm water, then blot the stain until the stain disappears. This process might take awhile, but it is one of the best ways how to get coffee out of carpet because dish soap cuts through dirt, helping the stain blot easily away. Getting coffee out of carpet will never be as easy as using the Good Housekeeping team’s method for cleaning coffee stains out of a carpet.

Another area that you will undoubtedly find yourself spilling coffee is on your clothing, which usually isn’t very easy to clean. If by chance, you have spilled coffee or tea on your shirt or another piece of clothing, cleaning it will involve dabbing at the stain with a cloth and soaking it for several minutes in cold water. You won’t want to use warm or hot water because that might make the color in the clothing run if it is a newer item of clothing and heat might also set the stain before you have a chance to remove it. By starting the cleaning process in cold water, you are allowing some of the stains to loosen, but this won’t clean the clothing entirely. Next, you will want to add a stain remover to the clothing and allow it to sit for the product’s specified time, before washing like usual. Cleaning your articles of clothing stained with coffee in this manner should result in no damage to your clothing and they should look as they did before you spilled the coffee.

The one thing that all of the Good Housekeeping methods for getting rid of coffee stains have in common is that they all use dish soap. Whether you have a grease stain, spaghetti sauce stain, or coffee stain, cleaning with dish soap is an ideal way of cleaning stains because it is designed to cut through food stains on dishes. Thank you to the Good Housekeeping team for showing us the best ways to get coffee stains out of everything.**

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