STOP spending tons to print your family photos. See how to print on canvas for SO much less:

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Finding the perfect art for your space can be tough, and it can be quite expensive too especially when you're buying original art which most people prefer. Call upon your inner artist and try out some of the great diy ideas and diy crafts for home found online. This is one of the great diy ideas from Hometalk, the worlds largest diy community. The diy project comes from Adriana Boza one of the users on the website. Adriana had been looking for them everywhere for a piece of art for the bedroom her daughters share. She wanted something large too, which was looking like it would cost her at leat $100 to purchase. So she took matters into her own hands and decided to do her own diy crafts for home. That's such a great way to decorate your space because you're creating original art for a fraction of the price, and also because you'll be spending a fraction of the money it would cost to buy it from someone else. That's not to say you shouldn't support local artists, but when you're stretched for cash, diy-ing is where it's at.

Adriana went to a Walmart photo centre and printed out two 20x30 pictures of her two daughters. The photos she printed look very professional, she may have had them taken by a photographer, or she may have taken them herself. So if you want to save money while doing this diy project, grab your camera and your kids and take them to a nice location to get some good shots of them. You can also edit them at home on your computer to make them look really nice and even professional. If you don't want photos of people, take some of your pets or of landscapes or cityscapes. There are also sites that sell the rights to professional quality photos so you can print them out and do what you like with them. There are even free websites like Pexels or Unsplash that share free photos you can download and print out. Once you have your photos, you'll need something to but them in or on. You could do the traditional frame, but these can also cost quite a bit of money. So instead, do as Adriana did and just get two canvases. You can find these at most craft or art supply stores, or you can order them online. You can even stretch your own canvases, but this requires a bit more work and skill.

She bought two 18x 24 canvases at Ross for only $7.99 which is a great deal. You want your canvas to be the same size or smaller than your photo so that the photo takes up the entire canvas. Grab some Mod Podge and apply it on the canvas with a sponge brush. Then turn the picture face side down on a table and place the canvas with mod podge on top of the back of picture. Press it down really well and then fold the edges to the back and staple them with a staple gun. If you find that you have any excess photo paper hanging off the edges, you can cut it off with an Exacto knife. The last step is to apply a coat of Mod Podge over the face of the photo to seal it on the canvas and let it dry thoroughly before hanging it up. Adriana's diy photo project ended up looking really great, and so will your's. Try this and other diy crafts for home on the Hometalk website where hundreds of users share their diy ideas and crafting projects.***

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