Skillet Cornbread

Are you looking for good healthy homemade recipes for quick breads that don't take long to prepare and ensure you know what ingredients your family is eating? This homemade cornbread is a quick and easy cornbread recipe made from scratch and the smell as this cornbread is cooking is going to bring everyone into the kitchen waiting in anticipation for a slice! This bread is at its best served warm from the oven with a nice dollop of butter. Cornbread is also fabulous served as a snack, served with soup, or as part of a larger meal such as chile. Cornbread recipes are simple to make and use a few basic ingredients. You can always switch the milk for a non-dairy choice and substitute oil for butter. The use of a well seasoned cast iron pan for baking ensures the bread won't be sticking to the surface, plus what a fun presentation when you place the entire cast iron from oven to table! Cornbread is a healthy comfort food that you can feel good about serving to your family. It looks so old-fashioned and the cast iron will keep it warm for quite awhile.

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