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Your refrigerator is your best friend in the kitchen. Never underestimate or take for granted this important appliance. Whenever there is a power outage for a couple of days, you really 'get it', just how much you rely on this single appliance.

Do you understand how your refrigerator even works? Most folks just plug it in and stand back while it hums quietly away doing its work. Let us do a little basic 'Refrigerator Basics 101'. So how is it that the food stays cool inside when you put it inside. Yes, it is temperature control as well as pressure and volume in the cooling process. When you plug it in gas is drawn at a low temperature and pressure through a line. Electricity compresses the gas to a higher pressure, and it makes the temperature rise. Next it gets transferred to a condenser. The heat gets removed in the condenser, and it begins to condense into a liquid. This heat gets released through those cooling fins you see on the back of your refrigerator. The liquid travels through an expansion device and voila, the pressure lowered and the liquid turns to vapor. This state change has a cooling effect. Now you have cold vapour and liquid that cool the air in the cabinet of the refrigerator through an evaporator! Next, the liquid absorbs the warmth inside the refrigerator and turns it back into a low temperature and pressure gas, and the cycle begins again.

Not that you need to understand how things work, but you can tell by reading the process your refrigerator works pretty hard and if you don't keep the dust bunnies out from the coils you can understand why the fridge overheats and is turning on, desperately trying to do its job.

When it works efficiently, of course, it takes less energy. Less energy equals savings for you and a refrigerator that is going to last a lot longer!

That being said, you will be chomping at the bit to get on over to 'One Good Thing by Jillee' website and see her photos and information on how to get the job done.

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