Rest Easy Knowing Your Mattress Is Clean

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You can rest easy knowing your mattress is clean if you follow a few quick and easy steps on a regular basis. Most of us pride ourselves on a home well kept, except for those crazy times when kids are running in and out, tossing clothes, school bags, toys, and trekking mud and muck everywhere. That pretty much sums up my day . . . still, to keep that mattress clean is a lot easier than keeping the kids tidy and neat, you can be sure of that much.

A mattress can harbor some relatively harmless, but sometimes really gross bugs. There are two that appear often, the dust mite and the bed bug. The bed bug is probably the worse invader between the two of them, but you really would like to get rid of the latter and manage the former. Bed bugs can grow large and do not limit themselves to just your bedroom mattress or box spring. They can also get behind headboards, into corners of the bedroom and other dark places that we might not always notice. So when you clean for bed bugs you have got to check every nook and cranny and be sure to get them all. They are a small, recognizably reddish brown bug that you will see crawling around.

Dust mites are not visible to the naked eye. They are a spider, really, and limit themselves to the bed, for the most part. They eat the shed skin cells that we leave behind. There are ways to manage them, but bed bugs may require professional assistance.

Managing both or either of these pests always begins with a good cleaning of the bed. The Better Homes and Gardens website can give you step by step instructions on the best, easiest, and most effective way to manage this issue. You might want to make this process a part of your weekly cleaning, although we know it just adds one more task to your already overfilled and overflowing to-do list. But this one is important.

Find out how to keep your mattress clean and many other tips at the website, Better Homes and Gardens, by following the link below.

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