Spray This Oil And You Should Never See Mold Again

The dangers of mold in your home can cause a variety of health effects or none at all. Some people are sensitive to molds. And for people who are, mold can cause a variety of ailment from nasal stuffi ... continued

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Bleach To Clean Mold

It is important to know how to remove mold and what kills mold if you are faced with mold growth in your home. Knowing how to remove mold is necessary as exposure to damp and moldy environments may ca ... continued

How to Clean Your Black Shower Mold for Good

Wondering how to remove mold? Mold is generally a benign substance when it is found outside; however, when it moves indoors it can be more than a nuisance. It can be a health hazard. Several types of ... continued

The Best Upholstery and Carpet Stain Removing Solution

The switch from toxic household cleaners to greener more natural cleaning supplies is an important one, according to David Suzuki. In Canada alone, more than $275 million dollars is spent on househol ... continued

20 Clever Tricks to Make House Cleaning Quick and Easy

Take a look at these 20 Clever Tricks to Make House Cleaning Quick and Easy. You are sure to find at least a few of household cleaning tips on the list that will make your life easier than you can ima ... continued

How to Clean Stainless Steel Household Items

Stainless steel skillets and pots are amazing because they get very hot and hold an even heat for tasks like searing meat. Unfortunately, though, because of the high heat that stainless steel cookware ... continued

How to Clean Black Mold from Bathroom Sealant

Nothing makes a bathroom look as dirty as does black mold and mildew. The bathroom showers silicone sealant is an ideal breeding ground for black mold and mildew because it’s a flexible surface that ... continued

Here Is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Clean Nasty Window and Sliding Door Tracks

You will want to take a look at the short step by step video window cleaning tutorial on how to get your tracks on sliding glass doors clean. This is one of those cleaning jobs that can be a hassle to ... continued

This is the Best Way to Clean Your Burnt Pots and Pans

Burnt pots and pans are terribly inconvenient in the kitchen, but there is a way to deal with them without putting in a lot of effort. Hannah’s article at the Better Homes and Gardens website identi ... continued

10 Reasons Vinegar Is The Only Cleaning Product You'll Ever Need

White distilled vinegar is something that you will often see when it comes to natural cleaning solutions. Some people think that white vinegar is just for making pickle recipes or for coloring Easter ... continued

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Yes. We were able to lift the stain with the steps found in this article, and you can see more in the pics below. Day to day life can often be messy, let's face it. If you have a micro fibre sofa, yo ... continued

How to Clean Black Shower Mold for Good

Wondering how to remove mold? Mold is generally a benign substance when it is found outside; however, when it moves indoors it can be more than a nuisance. It can be a health hazard. Several types of ... continued

How to Easily Clean Between Oven Glass

Stove cleaning is easy if you have a self clean oven. In fact those with self cleaning ovens are the lucky ones as all it takes it to set the oven to self-clean and the stove cleaning is pretty much d ... continued

3 of the BEST Kitchen Drain Cleaner ideas . . .

Is your drain clogged? Clearing clogged drains can be easy with this natural household cleaner. Cleaning kitchen drains with non toxic products or finding natural ways to unclog drains is something w ... continued

How To Clean Gross Ceiling Fans In Just Seconds

Here is a very simple method to clean your ceiling fans. This is one that I read about on the internet and I could not wait to try it! Keeping the home free of dust is a never ending job and any tips ... continued

17 Lazy person cleaning tips that will change your world!

When it comes to cleaning you can never have too many cleaning hacks and house cleaning tips. From kitchen floor cleaning, bathtub cleaning, green cleaning, life hacks and DIY projects. Anything that ... continued

I was so sad until I learned how to clean a SET OIL STAIN from my new sweatshirt . ..

Have you ever spilled oil on your favorite piece of clothing? We all have, and it is so sad because the stain always seems to fall in the center of the shirt on the front! My best friend bought me a ... continued

How to clean a really dirty oven ..

Ovens are highly-used appliances in home kitchens, and as a result, get very dirty. Anything can get on the inside of the oven, like sauces, oil splatters or batter drips, and become stuck on over the ... continued

How to Remove Hard Water

If you live in an area with mineral-dense water, you may notice a substantial amount of residue built up on your sinks, taps, and faucets. The unfortunate thing about hard water is that they build up ... continued

How to Clean Dirty Blinds

When it comes to cleaning the house, dirty blinds are one of the trickiest tasks. But with this home cleaning recipe and natural homemade cleaning product, you will have the job done in no time, and y ... continued

Magic Carpet Cleaner

Accidents happen, and sometimes you simply can't avoid getting stains on the carpet. But instead of having to replace the carpet or hire expensive carpet cleaning services you will want to try this ho ... continued

How to clean subborn carpet stains with an Iron and Vinegar

A carpet cleaning natural solution to stubborn carpet stains that is safe to use around your family and for the environment. The best part about this home cleaning recipe is that it's inexpensive and ... continued

How to clean your old looking toaster!

Before you go out and throw away your stainless steel toaster, you will want to take a look at this house cleaning tip for getting it looking like new again. The best part about this kitchen cleaning ... continued

How to Clean Your Mattress

There is nothing like a freshly made bed before going to sleep. Sheets get changed regularly, but mattresses are seldom thought of. Of course, you can’t change your mattress every week as you would ... continued

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

When it comes to cleaning house tips, there are some things that can easily get forgotten. Thoroughly cleaning the drip filter coffee maker is a house cleaning tip that needs to be done on a regular b ... continued

How To Clean A Microwave With Vinegar And Steam!

Microwaves are such a handy invention. They can reheat food in a matter of minutes making lunch or dinner preparation easy. The single problem with microwaves is that they have a tendency to become ex ... continued

How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most used articles in the house but doesn’t always get the care and attention it deserves. With all the food that kitchen sinks come in contact with every day, it is n ... continued

How To Clean A Washing Maching

No matter how much we desire it to be so, simple laundry detergent mingled with our clothes isn’t usually enough to keep our washing machine’s immaculately clean. Washing machines can often be coa ... continued

How to Clean Gross Doors and Windows

You will want to learn this tutorial on How to Clean Gross Windows and Doors. This window cleaning tutorial will have your windows looking like new in no time, without the need for hiring a window cle ... continued

2 Ingredients to clean your dirty window tracks .. .

When it comes to cleaning the house, there are so many nooks and crannies to deal with it helps to know some cleaning tricks that use all inexpensive nontoxic cleaners. One cleaning job that often get ... continued

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