I was so sad until I learned how to clean a SET OIL STAIN from my new sweatshirt . ..

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Have you ever spilled oil on your favorite piece of clothing? We all have, and it is so sad because the stain always seems to fall in the center of the shirt on the front! My best friend bought me a new lovely sweatshirt and the first night I wore it out I got an oil stain! I was so sad and got home put club soda on it, and then washed and dried it normally only to find the oil stain still there and now SET into the fabric. Lucky for my I was directed to this tutorial and figured why not give it a shot! So - here are the steps to remove a SET in oil stain. Keep in mind; this worked for me with the stain I had, the type of fabric (sweatshirt material) and so on. Other variables may change if it works for you, but it was worth a try since the shirt was already dirty and 'ruined.' I did not believe that it would work, but it did, and I am forever grateful to Northern Belle Diaries for this diy tutorial.

What you'll need:


Q-tips (optional)

Baking Soda

Dawn Dishwashing Soap (or any other kind you have)

An old toothbrush

Your regular laundry soap for washing the item of clothing afterward

First off all you'll need your item of clothing that has an oil stain. Then, grab some WD-40, some Q-tips which are optional, but make cleaning the smaller stains easier, baking soda, dawn dishwashing soap, and an old toothbrush. You can also use a piece of cardboard to separate the front and the back of the shirt or another piece of clothing so that your stain removal products don't get onto the other side. If you have super tiny oil splatter stains, just spray some WD-40 into a bowl and then take the Qtips and dot the stains with the WD-40. If you have a larger stain, simply spray the WD-40 onto your oil stain. Then, get your baking soda and pour a good amount onto the stain and WD-40. Get the toothbrush and spread out the baking soda over the whole stain, and brush it around over the whole stain, scrubbing and cleaning the stain. The baking soda will work to absorb the oil in the fabric, pretty neat right? Repeat this process until you have no more little lumps of baking soda left. Finally, take your dawn dishwashing soap and squirt a couple of drops onto the baking soda, and work this in with the toothbrush again. Let the mixture sit on the stain for some time before you put it in the laundry machine to wash with your other laundry as usual.

You will probably be so surprised to find no oil stain left on your shirt, especially if you thought your shirt was ruined for good. Now you can wear your shirt again, and try this out on your other clothes that have oil stains on them. Thanks again to Lisette of Northern Belle Diaries for this amazing tutorial on how to remove spots from our clothing. If you're stuck on how to remove spots, especially oil spots, just give these steps a try. Of course, there are all the stain removal products that claim to remove stains from your clothes, sometimes costing quite a lot of money. But now you can make your own stain removal products out of products you already have at home. So not only will you save your clothes, but you can also save some money too. Lisette features a ton of these great tips and tricks for doing laundry more efficiently and effectively. She also features home and gardening tips, health and fitness tips, beauty tips as well as blog posts on life in general. Try out this great diy tutorial and others from her website, and see for yourself how great this stain removal fix works.***

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