How to Remove Permanent Marker from Your Hardwood Floors

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It's probably happened to everyone at some point; you get some marker on your beautiful hardwood floors just to scrub and scrub, and nothing seems to work. Here's a great tutorial from My Life and Kids website that will teach you exactly how to remove permanent marker from your hardwood floors. Markers get used for all sorts of purposes; maybe you're making a sign or drawing a picture. Sometimes mistakes happen, and you go off the paper, or the marker bleeds through the paper, or maybe one of your kids got ahold of a permanent marker and thought it would be fun to create a drawing on the floor. Whatever the cause of getting permanent marker on your floor is, the good news is that there is a very simple and effective way to clean it off. So don't get too upset at yourself or your kids, everyone makes mistakes, and it's great to have remedies like this one to help fix them. We all have our general floor mopping solutions that may be tried to get out the stains, but certain markers prove to be pretty difficult to wash off.

Permanent markers are resistant to water because they contain special waterproof substances like glycerides, pyrrolidone, resin and colorant. The chemicals in these markers also give them a very distinct scent that is powerful and noxious if you breathe in the fumes for too long. Luckily, there are also permanent markers that don't smell at all, which are a bit easier to use. The markers were created over the years since 1910, and different people contributed ideas to what we now know as a marker. Sharpie markers started out in 1944, designed by Walter J. De Groft; his patent would be used to create the well-known brand of marker in 1964. There was also Sidney Rosenthal in 1952 in Richmond Hill, New York, who developed the Magic Marker. From then on, there were other types of markers created, nonpermanent markers, white board markers, and highlighters. The markers used to be only black ink, but now we have a variety of colours to choose from. Permanent marker ink stays on any surface it's applied to which makes it great for specific projects, but not so convenient when it's accidental.

There are different solvents that can be used to remove permanent markers and special floor cleaning products you can buy. The solvents, however, may not be good for your hardwood floors and regular floor mopping won't do anything. The special floor cleaning products can be pricey and sometimes they are filled with more chemicals.

So it's a good thing that there are natural cleaners and solutions that help you clean stains off of your floors making them look new again. Anna from My Life and Kids shares her simple trick on how to lift these pesky stains for once and all, and it's a pretty impressive item she uses. For more great cleaning advice with natural cleaners, explore her website and try this trick out the next time you have a permanent marker accident on your floor or wood furniture.***

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