How to Remove Paint from Furniture without Chemicals

Photo Credit: Shabby Creek Cottage

When it comes to do it yourself home improvements, painting around your home can be one of the best ways to spruce up anything from the walls, to the furniture. Here is a great tutorial on How to Remove Paint from Furniture without Chemicals. Often, when you want to repaint something, getting the previous coat of paint off can be even more work than actually painting the item. Usually removing paint from a piece of furniture requires some heavy duty chemicals to get the paint off. If you think about it, since the paint itself is a chemical that is supposed to bond to a surface permanently, there needs to be an even stronger chemical to remove it from the surface. So usually we don't remove paint unless we really want a change of colour, or we want to refinish a wood piece in a natural wood finish instead of the paint. You may know that turpentine or paint thinner can be used to remove paint, but as you may also know, this stuff is extremely toxic and smells awful. So it is reasonable to understand why people would rather avoid using the stuff all together and opt for a more natural, less toxic way of removing the paint.

Gina, the curator of the awesome Shabby Creek Cottage website, shares her amazing find with us to make our lives easier when we decide to repaint our furniture. Gina was tired of having to use the obnoxious chemicals to remove paint so she sought out a less toxic alternative that would meet her paint removing needs. What she found was a brilliant tool called a Heat Gun. The tool is basically what the name describes, it is a gun like tool that looks like a hair dryer and works the same way by blowing hot air out of it. The heat on the hot air gun is much hotter than any hair dryer though and it needs to be in order to lift the bonds that they paint has to the furniture. The air gets to temperatures of 1000 degrees, so you want to be extra careful not to burn yourself when using one of these air guns. Gina worked away at heating the paint and removing it with a scraper that was also included in the air gun kit. The results are amazing and could be used for so many do it yourself home improvements involving paint. Its simple life hacks like these that make our lives easier and less stressful.

The finished result of the table Gina repainted after getting all of the paint of looks incredible. She simply sanded the surface down and applied a fresh coat of paint on top. It doesn't have any bumps or lumps from the previous layer of paint either. If you love do it yourself home improvements and learning simple live hacks, then the Shabby Creek Cottage blog is the place to be.

This website is filled with awesome Do It Yourself projects, crafts, organizing tips and tricks, room makeovers and decorating ideas, and of course awesome tips like this one. Gina also has a whole section dedicated to recipes that look really yummy and would be so worth trying out. She has plenty of drink recipes for those special occasions and she also features great meal recipes as well as yummy dessert recipes too. She also has a section on her website where she offers coupons and freebies, which is free stuff. There are items like candles, printable quotes that you can frame as art around your home, and fonts that you can download and use to make your own signs and quotes.*

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