How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Floors

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In life there are always accidents, and stains are just one of those inevitable things that happen around the house no matter how careful we are. But there is a way to Remove Water Stains from Floors and other wood surfaces. We have all made the mistake of leaving some water on the floor too long after spilling it, or a pet has an accident, or having a plant that water leaks out of the bottom of the planter, only to stain our once perfect hard wood floor. This can be such a shame and disappointment and you probably might even think that your floor is totally ruined. Or that you might have to replace the whole panel of flooring in order to get your perfect looking floor back. But have no fear, the internet is here to save the day once again, and people who have had floor and wood stains before, have kindly shared with us how to get them out. One thing you don't want to do is use harsh floor cleaning products to try and get the stain out, some of the floor cleaning products may even make it worse. It is always nice to use natural cleaners whenever you can around the house. These stains are made by moisture getting trapped underneath the varnish or finish of the protective layer on the wood floor. So it isn't really even the wood itself that is damaged, but the water that has been trapped, making the wood appear to be stained.

On this great video from YouTube, you will learn how to get water stains off of your wood surfaces and floors and you will see that it can be really quite easy. While the video shows how to get water stains off of a wooden table, you can also use this same method for flooring of course, and for anything that is solid wood with a varnish or clear finish on it. The results are incredible, and actually seem to work like magic. The method you follow to get the white water stains off of wood, is to use the heat from an iron set on a medium setting to draw the moisture out of the surface. The iron works to evaporate the moisture and allows it to disappear from the surface completely. How awesome is that? No need to worry about having to get professional help to get these accidental stains out of your wood floors or tables, just a simple at home remedy that uses items you already have right at home.

Wood floors and furniture need some extra care to help them look fabulous. You should clean your wood floors and dust and polish your wood furniture regularly so that it can look just as beautiful as the day you bought it. For a great natural floor cleaner recipe you don't need much, in fact the best natural floor cleaner recipe is to use a little bit of vinegar in some warm, but not hot water. Also, make sure that your mop isn't soaking wet, and that it is just damp. You don't want to cause any water spots of course. Usually people say that mopping with the grain of the wood helps to reduce the appearance of streaks on the wood flooring and make sure you rinse and wring out your mop frequently.

These days, there is such an abundance of natural cleaners out there that we don't even need to use chemical cleaners any more. You will be amazed at how amazingly this worked for the man in the video, and how it would probably work for you too if you tried it on the water stain that has you upset. What a great idea that you could use all around your home.*

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