How To Remove Cooking Odors

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Sometimes we think our home smells fresh and clean. Then we go out for a bit and upon our return we open the door and realize we really have to figure out how to remove cooking odors from our home. Some dinner smells can be really strong and seem to permeate every nook and cranny of our home.

One tip that might work is to just open the windows and even open the doors if you have to and you can do that where you live. In the spring, summer and possibly even during early fall this might be an option for you. But mid-winter there is no way anyone who pays a heating bill is going to throw open the windows! And who wants to stand in a frigid house while you wait for the smell of yesterdays fish to disappear? There are better ways to get the smells out and ones that wont freeze you out of your own house & home!

The quickest trick and perhaps the first best step is to find what is causing the smell in your home. It could be Fido. Pets that are allowed out of doors can sometimes roll in or even eat things that result in odd smells on their bodies or emanating from their bodies. Unfortunately if it is on the inside coming out you will just have to wait for this one to pass, literally. If its on the outside, you can likely wash your pet.

Other smells that come from a particularly colorful meal may take more work to entirely get out of the house and require some additional effort. Using common household ingredients like vinegar can help. So dont worry. That wonderful fish you cooked last night wont be a lingering memory until spring.

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