How to get rid of mice with cotton balls and vinegar

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Having mice as unwelcomed guests in our homes can be pretty annoying. If you have ever had mice invading your home, you know that they can and will get into just about everything. They will eat the food in your pantry, sleep in your sock drawer, and even make a little bed out of some of your magazines or papers. They're also notorious for leaving traces of themselves everywhere they go. The biggest concern about these little guys is that they spread disease and germs through their excrement. That's the number one reason people want them gone, and also because they can create quite a mess. You probably know about the usual products people use to rid their homes of mice, such as the well-known mouse traps made of wood and metal. Then there are the poisons, which are also effective. But there are some downsides to these methods too. You're killing the little animals, which can be very sad You also have to be prepared to clean the traps out when they've caught a mouse which isn't the most pleasant thing to have to do. You also have to keep your pets away from the poisons and traps because they could be harmed by them too.

If you're not keen on killing these little beings, there are some simple life hacks you can try out too, ones that won't kill the little guys. There are a few natural mice repellents you can use instead of the poisons and traps that kill them. The repellents keep the mice away from your home instead of killing them. Plus these natural remedies won't be unsafe for you or your family and pets either. eHow teaches us how to use some simple ingredients and materials that you probably already have around your house to repel mice and keep them away. All you need is some vinegar and some cotton balls. If you don't have these things around your house already, go and pick some up at your local grocery store. You can use vinegar for so many natural remedies including first aid and cleaning products. You can make your own natural cleaning products just from vinegar and water. So all you do is take some of the white vinegar and saturate a cotton ball with it. Make sure you have a lot of vinegar on the cotton ball before you place them anywhere. Once you've saturated the cotton balls, just place them anywhere you've seen traces of mice.

When the cotton balls dry out, just replace them with new ones to keep the mice away. You can also use peppermint essential oil to keep mice away in the same way. Just put 10-20 drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton balls in places you've seen mice or traces of mice. The strong scent of the peppermint will drive the mice away and keep them away. It'll also keep other critters like spiders and ants away too. You can also put some peppermint oil into a spray bottle with some dish soap and spray it liberally on the areas you know they like to go. That way you'll really cover the area in the scent they don't like. If you know where they're coming from, you can also plug up any holes they crawl through with steel wool to keep them from coming through. They won't be able to bite through the steel wool, so they will just move on. You can also try getting a cat who's a good hunter to keep them under control too if you like and let nature run it's course.***

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