How to get rid of mice fast without poison

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If you live out in the country, chances are you've shared your home with mice. Even in the cities, mice can be an issue in some apartment buildings and homes too. Mice, while pretty harmless to humans unless they're infected with disease, can be a pain none the less. They get into everything, chewing through cardboard and plastic to eat your food, crawling into your dresser drawers, leaving traces of themselves everywhere they go. These little critters may be cute and all, but they can also spread disease and germs through their urine and faeces. So it's understandable to want them out of your home that you want to keep clean and healthy. There are the typical things people use on mice like mouse traps and poisons, which work, but it's so sad to have to kill these little creatures. You also have to clean up the traps and make sure your pets or kids stay out of the traps and the poisons which can be unsafe for them.

Good thing there's a simple life hack that takes care of them for us without harming them. It's so great that there is a completely natural mice repellent you can use in your home that won't be unsafe for you or your family, but it will keep the mice at bay. Another great thing about these natural remedies using peppermint oil is that you can also use the essential oils to repel other intruders like insects. Insects and animals have a very heightened sense of smell, so think of how intense peppermint oil smells to you, and then magnify that 100 times. Needless to say, animals and insects hate the strong scent of peppermint. The peppery scent immediately makes them stop in their tracks and go the other way meaning they won't go near anything you put it on. In order to disperse the peppermint oil evenly, you'll need to make a solution to spray around your house. Using dish soap in your solution helps the oils disperse evenly. So mix up 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of dish soap and 5 to 6 drops of peppermint essential oil. Make sure you're using the pure essential oils and not just a manufactured fragrance. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and shake it up to mix the ingredients really well. Then, just spray the solution anywhere you know the mice like to go, as well as outside your home to stop them from entering.

Peppermint comes from the mint family of herb, and it's a perennial herb which means that it will come back each year if the roots are left in the ground. You can even grow your own peppermint to make teas and other natural remedies out of. Peppermint tea is great to drink if you are having symptoms of nausea and upset stomach because it has cooling benefits that can calm stomach acids. Peppermint essential oil is wonderful to rub on sore muscles to relieve pain and even headaches. The oil from the plant contains a very potent dosage of the mint oil so be sure to use it sparingly on your body. Another simple life hack you can use is a cayenne pepper spray because the spicy pepper scent of the cayenne will also keep them away. Just mix one cup of water with one tablespoon of cayenne pepper and one tablespoon of chilli flakes. Mix all of the ingredients together and strain through a cloth into your spray bottle, then wait 24 hours before using the spray. Then do the same as you did with the peppermint oil spray and spray it around the outside of your home and where they usually go inside your home.***

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