How to clean your kitchen sink and disposal naturally with baking soda and vinegar - easy & organic

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Every once in awhile, the kitchen sink undergoes so much use that it needs an extensive scrubbing to get rid of grime. Of course, the sink should be wiped down after every use, but sometimes it isn’t enough to keep it looking shining and new. Moreover, over time, food particles find their way into the drain and give off unappealing smells. In those cases, check out Sasha, the author of The Old School Home & Garden With Sasha lifestyle video blog, where she has a video outlining steps to cleaning your sink, drain and garbage disposal with natural ingredients. Her video shows her using her choice of non toxic cleaners, as well as what her sink looked like before and after. You will be amazed by what these cleaning instructions could do for your sink.

Natural baking soda has become the star of household cleaning products, because of its effectiveness at removing stains from pots, pans, curtains, rugs and furniture. It can all freshen up smells in your home. When baking soda and water are combined, it forms a foaming paste that can help remove a lot of stains in different areas of your home. Something that is even more effective in cleaning than water is vinegar. The acid in the vinegar causes a chemical reaction with the baking soda so that the mixture can pick up anything to put it on. For this job, you don’t have to use an expensive vinegar; instead, you could use distilled vinegar which you can buy a lot of for very cheap. The distilled vinegar can be placed in your cleaning cupboard and used for other non-toxic cleaning projects, which is ideal if you are into living green. The benefit of using vinegar to clean is that it has a high acid level which will kill bacteria. The one downside is that it is unappealing smelling, but you could easily remedy that by adding some essential oils to wherever you use it.

Sasha starts her process for how to clean the kitchen sink by preparing her cleaning mixture and allowing the sink plugs to soak. Soaking the plugs in the baking soda and vinegar solution helps lift the stains from the plugs. All Sasha has to do is lightly scrub them with a toothbrush to remove the excess grime. The next thing she does is wipes the sink surface with the cleaning solution and allows it to sit for fifteen or twenty minutes until ready to wipe down. By the end, her sinks are gleaming and sanitised, but with very little work. The baking soda and vinegar provided most of the cleaning action.

Once the sinks are cleaned, it is down to cleaning the garbage disposal drain, which can get caked with dirt just like anywhere else in the home. Sasha’s genius idea to get rid of both dirt on the blades and make the garbage disposal smell nicer is to put frozen slices of citrus fruit through it. She simply puts unused slices of limes, lemons and oranges in the freezer to harden, before putting them through her garbage disposal. The fact they are firm from the freezer in addition to the fruit’s naturally fibrous quality helps wipe the blades clean. Their sweet, citrusy smell helps eliminate unappealing scents emanating from the disposal. Thank you to Sasha, the video blogger of Old School Home & Garden With Sasha lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions for cleaning her kitchen sink and garbage disposal with natural ingredients. You will love what simple baking soda and vinegar can contribute to your cleaning regime.

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