How to Clean Stains and Odor From a Travel Mug

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Travel mugs are used day-to-day to carry coffee and tea wherever we go, but if your travel mug is hard to clean and has taken on odor, Steph Phoenix’s method for how to clean stains and odors from a travel mug will be one you will want to pay attention to. Cleaning a travel mug is a daily chore if you are a busy individual, so undoubtedly, you will be wondering how to clean travel mug. Steph’s instructions use natural ingredients, like vinegar and baking soda, as well as a toothbrush to clean out her travel mug to look like brand new. If you are an aficionado of house cleaning tips and tricks, you will love Steph’s easy instructions for cleaning travel mugs.

Cleaning mugs or cups is not very different from cleaning pots and pans in your kitchen; slowly baking soda and vinegar are continuously being shown as the best cleaning products for the kitchen because they are foods and therefore are food safe. Naturally, when cleaning anything you eat or drink out of or any surface where you prepare food, you don’t want to use harsh chemical cleaners, because they is always the risk of residue and you don't want to consume that. Baking soda and vinegar foam up and remove stains, as well as eliminate odors, without providing the same kind of danger as chemical cleaning products. Baking soda and vinegar are also incredibly effective at cleaning anything from pots to your travel mug since the chemical reaction between them can remove stains in an instant. Another benefit is that you don’t have to use dish soap on your travel mugs, which is a taste that can linger and is an unappealing addition to your morning coffee.

If you find Steph’s baking soda and vinegar cleaning hack particularly intriguing, you may want to apply it to different areas of your home. If your stainless steel kitchen sink is particularly stained, you could use a scrubber and spot clean it with baking soda and vinegar solution to remove the stains and have your kitchen sink looking new. You could even extend this natural cleaning product to your bathroom cleaning, by spraying it onto shower tiles, stainless steel faucets, the showerhead, or the tiles on the floor, and scrub it away for an extremely effective cleaning solution. You could even use this cleaning mixture to wipe out and sanitize your refrigerator, keeping everything smelling fresh and helping the shelves retain their fresh white appearances.

If the challenge of cleaning your travel mug has led you to purchase your coffee or tea at your local coffee shops instead, this easy method for cleaning travel mugs will make you think again about spending the extra money one coffee shop coffee, which can be expensive. These instructions contain household ingredients and should only take a few minutes to accomplish the evening before you head out to work again. Thank you to Steph Pheonix, an author at Snapguide, for sharing her article on how to clean a travel mug so that it is immaculate once again. *

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