How to Clean Silver With Natural Products

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This featured article is on How to Clean Silver With Natural Products. Silver polishing is something that was done on a regular basis in Grande homes with Grande old families. Watch any old period piece movie and there is often the scene of the maids polishing the silver. We still have some silver to polish, although not nearly as much as at one time when all silverware was silver and required it to get the tarnish off.

Although we may not have as much silver in our cutlery drawer, if any pieces at all, many of us do have silver jewellery and it also needs cleaning to keep it shiny. You can purchase the toxic commercial jewellery cleaners, and it works amazingly well, but if you want to get away from using chemicals, we have some great tips here to share. The most important tip is to have a special silver cleaning cloth or a soft towel or micro fibre cloth because silver can be scratched just with the cloth you choose.

It is good news that natural products can do just as good a job as commercial products. ALWAYS, test an area first though to be sure the cleaner does not cause any damage. Household products are very inexpensive when compared to commercial silver cleaning products. Three of the products that are suggested are toothpaste, baking soda and salt. This is not a big surprise as it seems these are the 'superhero's' of the natural cleaning world. You will be able to read the exact instructions for using these products and some techniques that go along with each one.

Once the silver is clean is there a way to keep it clean longer? Yes, there is. Please be redirected to the 'Cleanipedia' website at the link just below.

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