How To Clean Couch Stains!

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We spend so much time, effort and money when we finally choose our living room set that it can be really devastating when something gets spilled on it. These steps show you how to clean couch stains so that your couch lasts a long time.

With so many fabrics available for your furniture, this article has to focus on ordinary cloth materials. This is not the process to use for leather or other similar non-fabric materials.

Taylor, a mom of three kids who runs the site, also offers her readers a free gift when you subscribe to her newsletter. This is a great idea because when you subscribe you receive a printable laundry stain chart. This gift can come in very handily when kids spill ice cream, get grass stains on their jeans, cut themselves and smear blood on t-shirts and all the other wonderful things that children manage in a day.

Act quickly!

When a spill happens, of any kind, the key is to get as much of it up as quickly as you can and to blot, not rub, so the material does not penetrate the furniture. Things like wine can be diluted with soda water then blotted or sprinkle salt to capture the liquid before it spreads.

Know your furniture!

It is also important to know what type of upholstery you have and the codes that come with it to clean it. If you are not sure what you have, call the professionals. Better to spend a bit more than to have your furniture destroyed. Read the labels to understand what sort of fabric you have. No labels? Again, call the professionals. They will be glad to help.

Different kinds of stains and spills!

Different stains and spills require different kinds of cleaners. This website can help direct you to different pages where you can read about the kind of cleaner that might work best for the stain or spill you are trying to clean up.

Cleaners for your furniture!

There are commercial cleaners as well as cleaners that you can make yourself. You choose which will work best for your family.

It can be so discouraging to have spent the kind of money it costs to have great furniture and then to have it stained and possibly ruined. But take heart! This website can offer plenty of advice, tips and tricks to make cleaning your furniture a less stressful event.

Find out more how-tos at the website, Stain Removal 101, by following the link below.

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