How to Clean a Moldy Wooden Fence

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Wooden fences are the perfect addition to any backyard, they look good and can offer privacy where needed. But eventually, wooden fences, depending on you where live and the amount of rain can start to get mold. Or maybe you bought a house and the fence already had mold on it. Either way, you want to know how to remove mold and what kills mold. You might be wondering if you need to remove the fence and put up a new one, but that can get pricey. There are ways on how to remove mold and get your fence looking like new again. There are all natural ways to get rid of the mold, and there are ways on how to remove mold using liquid chlorine bleach.

One way on how to remove mold is by using some liquid chlorine bleach. Liquid chlorine bleach is strong, so you want to be sure and dilute it with some water in the sprayer before applying it to the fence. A good tip to remember is that when you spray the liquid chlorine bleach solution on the fence, you want to be sure to start at the bottom and work your way up. You want to be sure to wear some old clothes and protective eyewear; you can also use some rubber gloves to protect your hands. The liquid chlorine bleach solution should work like magic, as one way how to remove mold. Spray a section of fence, and let the liquid chlorine bleach solution do its job for about 15 minutes, then rinse it with the hose. Because the liquid bleach is so strong, you want to make sure to hose the area down around the fence, really well. This helps to ensure that you don't harm your plants or grass. It should take no time to spray the whole fence, and once it is dry, it should look almost brand new.

Another way on how to get rid of the mold without using liquid chlorine bleach is to use a power washer. You can rent one from your hardware store and give it a try. You want to be sure and set the power washer on a lower pressure setting such as 1500 to 2000 psi. If you have the setting too high it may damage the wood, so you want to start off low. Then standing a couple of feet away from the fence, hose it down. You can move closer to the fence for the spots that are more heavily stained, but you want to make sure not to keep too much pressure on any spot for too long. Move the power sprayer in a slow, sweeping motion. Then let the fence dry if all of the mold, mildew, and algae has been removed from the fence.

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