How To Clean a Glass Electric Stovetop

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If you are new to cleaning a glass stovetop and are concerned about damaging it, the process of how to clean a glass electric stovetop is very simple. Gina, one of the authors of ‘The Kitchn’ recipe and lifestyle blog, provides detailed stovetop cleaning instructions along with images to help you through learning about how to keep your glass electric stovetop clean and safely scrub it so that you don’t scratch it. This cleaning process only requires you use four or five ingredients, one of which will be a cleaner specifically used for glass cooking surfaces, like your electric stovetop. A mixture of soap and warm water will be okay for daily cleaning of your glass stovetop, but for a deeper cleaning, Gina’s instructions will do wonders to bring your stovetop back to gleaming.

First, you want to use a soft sponge and soapy water as a preliminary cleaning of your stove which will remove a lot of the dirt and allow you to focus on the tougher, burnt-on areas. Then, you will want to dry the stove off and use the glass stovetop cleaner to remove the most difficult bits. The best glass top stove cleaner is brands specifically designed to clean a glass stovetop, like Weiman’s, because it includes non-abrasive cleaners which will protect your stove. You also want a cleaner that won’t leave a film on your stove after cleaning it and will protect for the long term. The best cleaner for glass top stove is also one that is environmentally friendly, like Weiman’s, which uses recycled plastics. A stovetop cleaner will make cleaning your glass stovetop an easy process and will protect it for a long time.

Along with using a stovetop cleaner for cleaning a glass stovetop, you can use a scraper if you want to remove the most challenging grime. You should be able to purchase a scraper for your stovetop cleaning purposes from stores like Walmart or home hardware stores that carry your type of stove. Otherwise, you will want to stick with the least abrasive materials as possible when stove cleaning, like paper towels or soft cloths.

In the end, cleaning stovetops are challenging, and you want a method that works well and saves you time in the end. The process of getting burnt-on particles off a glass stove is much easier than cleaning other stovetops, like Gas, because you don’t have to worry about removing burners to get the dirt underneath. The flat top surface and specially designed scraper means that you can easily chip on burnt bits when stove cleaning and don’t need to spend an excessive time in the kitchen. For the detailed instructions and step-by-step photos of how to clean a glass electric stovetop,be sure to check out Gina’s article, at ‘The Kitchn’ recipe and lifestyle blog. Thank you to Gina for showing us her easy method for how to clean a glass electric stovetop. Glass stovetop cleaning will never be as easy as this, and you will be thrilled when you see the gleaming quality of your stove.**

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