How I Fixed My iPhone after it Fell In the Toilet

Photo Credit: Mom 4 Real

So you dropped your iPhone in a toilet, and you think 'Oh No! Can I save my phone?' Don't panic like I did! The answer is yes, and Jessica at 'Mom 4 Real' blog has some tips to share with you.

In our technology dependent world, most of us probably at one time or another mixed water with electronics to bad effectm whether it was a iPod in the laundry, or the cat knocking over a glass of water on your phone, or you accidentally spilling coffee over your laptop. Some electronics can be replaced simply by buying a new one, but some of them such as your laptop and phone are used daily and contain invaluable information that cannot be bought. Thus, I recommend for everyone to be familiar with some techniques of salvaging water logged electronic devices.

Thankfully, in most cases where your electronics were submerged in water, there are many methods to rescue the devices and have its function restored. The rescue methods vary greatly and results are also not universally good, but the single most important rule is get that once you get device out of the water immediately, DO NOT PLUG IT IN OR ATTEMT TO TURN IT ON. Doing so will likely short circuit your iPhone and can cause irreparable damage. But if your phone was on sleep mode, then you could either turn it on and then fully shutting it off or just hope that nobody will call or text you or do anything to bring up notifications in more than 24 hours. Given the latter is unlikely, I suggest a full shutdown.

The next immediate step is to take off the cover, remove the sim card, and the battery (but remember for some devices such as the iPhone removing the battery voids the phone's warranty.) Then remove as much water from the device as you can, WITHOUT USING HEAT. Heat is likely to irreparably damage internal iPhone components. The recommended method is to submerge your iPhone or electronic device in non-heated material that sucks up moisture. Jessica, for example, submerged her iPhone in some cous cous.

You should test your phone after at least one full day of drying, and if it works, the first thing you should do after you celebrate is to backup all your files. You never know to what extent the internal components were damaged - the device could stop working on you in the next few hours or weeks.

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