How Dependable is The Grid?

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Life on the grid is dependable, easy, and affordable for the most part. Most of us use it faithfully and don’t think much about it; just another monthly expense. What if I told you that was all about to change.

The unsteady ground that our nation is built on is being rocked in all directions. The electrical companies across the nation are no exception as they lobby to increase pressure on those who are going “off grid” hoping to curve the appeal of breaking free from the grid. In many states already they have gained ground in passing laws that cause red tape problems for many trying to go off grid.

Let us see an example of Bill Norman.

It was a sunny day April 2010 when Bill woke up and found himself an hour late for work. His alarm clock never went off as the power was out. “Strange,” thought Bill as he hurriedly prepared for work unable to call the power company. He hoped it would be taken care of by the time he got home. He rushed out the door unable to take a shower because the water was not running and drank a cold day old cup of coffee because there was no way to heat it up or make a new pot. Off he went to work. As he was driving he noticed that the power was on for the stores and streets not to far from his home so he hoped all would be fine when he came home. As it became 5 o’clock he forgot all about the power being out and pulled into the driveway. The house still looked cold and dark as he entered it and found to his amazement that the lights still did not turn on. He was rumbling through the mail he just picked up and noticed a note from the power company. He opened it to find the news” You have been randomly selected for power servicing this week and your power will be turned back on by next Sunday…….That’s a whole week away! shouted Bill to himself. What could he do now.

Don’t let this happen to you. You CAN do something about it. You can own your own power system for the price of your new car. That’s right a solar system cost about the same and often less then your new car. For $30,000 you can have a solar system for your whole house and then some. Don’t forget the government will give you back 30% as well making it even less then your new car!. Theses are easily financed as well. Compared to your car the average return on a solar system investment goes up every year and has no reoccurring cost. Your car on the other hand has constant costs to pay on top of the initial cost of the car such as insurance, gas, tires, maintenance, oil change, and any other damages that might occur.

Solar power has been coming to light as an economical power source. No longer is it looked at as a passive option for only the rich. Now solar panels have become one of the top affordable forms of energy out doing coal across the world. Panels are no longer unattainable as they have come to a record low being one of the most affordable power solutions today. Plus there are many incentives to solar that you just can’t overlook such as 30% from the government, increased property value, and tax advantages. Plus don’t forget the money you will be saving each month from the electric bill and the comfort in knowing that you will never have a “black out” again. You will never have to worry about a sudden increase in your bill or power regulations and cuts. You can finally have the

At GGC they have some of the best packages that you can find for solar today. Their Homestead 540KWH Monthly Output Off Grid Solar Kit With 12000 Watt Power Inverter packages come complete with panels, racks, inverters, batteries, wiring and more. They also include excellent technical support for a whole year to help you with your solar system. Today you owe it to yourself to get your own power. For less then your car you can have your own system today and be fully prepared for tomorrow and ever after. "

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