Household Pests? 10 No-Chemical Ways to Get Rid of Them

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Household Pests? Here are 10 no-chemical ways to get rid of them. No one really likes pests, especially in the summer time when there seem to be just so many of them in every corner of the house inside and out. We try to tell ourselves about all the good those spiders do, or how many birds will happily gobble up those fruit flies and mosquitoes, but in the end, we really just want to get rid of them. And we probably feel less sympathetic for cockroaches and ants, too!

Then we are faced with another dilemma. What product do we use? We donít want to spray our home with awful chemicals that make it smell toxic and we certainly donít want to inhale those things either. We donít really want to put sprays or other things on our kids, either. Well, here are some tips that may help you out from a trusted source in helpful household tips and advice.

ē Steel wool can be used to stop holes where mice get in. They cannot chew through the steel!

ē To stop ants you need to interrupt the scent trail they put out for all the other ants to follow. Try just drawing a chalk line across their trail or put out cayenne, salt or pepper across their trail to break the scent.

ē Ants also donít like smells including mint or other strong herbs. Place them where you see them coming in to your house.

ē Cockroaches can be discouraged by smells too including cucumber ends or vanilla beans. They also like warm and wet places so be sure all leaks are fixed and there is no standing water in your dishwasher.

ē Move your things around in the closet. Just moving things around can discourage little critters from moving in. They like their space undisturbed so mess it up and move it around to get them going on their way.

ē Keep it clean and keep it covered. Donít let bits of food sit on your counters. That just encourages visitors hungry for bread crumbs. Keep all food in containers or in the fridge. Where there is no food, there will be nothing looking for a bite to eat.

We can appreciate our little friends and the things they contribute to our earth, but we donít have to have them living in our house. Find out more how-toís and other household tips at the website, Reader's Digest, by following the link below.

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