Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner

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Wood floors are beautiful when first installed but age over time due to misuse or improper cleaning measures. You don’t want to scuff up the appearance of your gleaming wooden floors or else you may have to refinish them or worse, install new ones over time. Luckily, Megan, the author of Homemade Ginger lifestyle blog, has perfected the process of cleaning wood floors using a homemade cleaner. This homemade cleaning solution will pick up dirt and dust lingering on the floor, but won’t be damaging to it, either. She also identifies her favorite mop to use for the job.

If you love mixing home cleaning products, because they are more natural and get the job done better than store-bought, you will love Megan’s wood floor cleaner. Her wood floor cleaning product consists of only two mandatory ingredients which you will have in your home already, plus two additional recommended ingredients. Instead of using a product designed specifically for wood floors which can contain chemicals and be damaging to people and pets, Megan combines vinegar with water. Any vinegar with high acidity will work well to cleanse the floor, but if you want to sanitize it, don’t use a standard cooking vinegar. Instead, opt for something with a stronger acidity level, like cleaning vinegar. This will result in one of the best natural cleaners because it will sanitize the floor and lift dirt while being safe for everyone. The smell of vinegar can be off-putting in the house, but you can always add some essential oil drops into the mixture to cover the scent or light some scented candles after you are finished cleaning. You won’t need to employ a floor cleaning service any longer since you will have Megan’s helpful wood cleaning solution.

Natural cleaners are wonderful to use on floors, especially if you live in a home where small children or pets lie low to the ground. You don’t want them coming into contact with harmful toxic products in day-to-day living. When mopping your floors with non toxic cleaners, like this one, you won’t use a lot of the product. Mopping your wood floors will become a simple matter of squirting the floor with the mixture and mopping with a dry mop. In this case, it will be a good idea to invest in a squirt bottle which you can purchase in the cleaning aisle of a grocery store or at any department store.

If you are looking for eco friendly cleaners, water and vinegar are safe for the environment as well. While chemical cleaning products may have an impact on the lives and insects of pollinators, which are crucial to the world’s food production, this mixture shouldn’t harm them. Having a squirt bottle of this mixture on hand is wonderful, too, especially if you have toddlers who make a mess or if you are busy around the house all the time. You can clean up messes fast when they happen by squirting some of the cleaning mixture and wiping up with either a mop, cloth or paper towel. Thank you to Megan, the author of Homemade Ginger, for sharing her wood cleaning product with us.

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