Homemade Fly Spray Recipe

Photo Credit: The Prairie Homestead

Summer time is here and along with the beautiful weather comes a few little pests as well. Like flies! What in the world can we do about flies, without having to use any toxic chemicals to get rid of them? Well here’s a great little recipe for Homemade Fly Spray! Jill Winger over at The Prairie Homestead blog says it really works.

Jill is married with kids and she’s a homesteader, as you might have noticed from her blog title! She lives in Wyoming with her husband and family and she’s got a whole mess of cows that she milks every day. She just swears by her raw cow’s milk. It’s the healthiest food ever! Jill wasn’t always a country girl. She actually grew up in the city, but when she was pregnant with her first child and had just bought her first acreage with her husband, her focus changed and she suddenly wanted more freedom.

What did she want freedom from? Industrialized food, for one thing. She was weary of big business telling her what was healthy for her and her family. She wanted freedom from the local supermarket, freedom from harmful chemicals in her food, and freedom to make her own choices. And so, even with everyone telling her it wasn’t possible, she did it – she and her husband broke free from the mainstream and started homesteading. And today they grow all of their own food, keep livestock, and they are completely self sufficient. What’s more, Kim publishes this blog and tells us all about her wonderful discoveries, tips and tricks to making it on the land. And one of those wonderful discoveries is this organic Homemade Fly Spray!

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