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When it comes to eco-friendly building materials and green building ideas, strawbale houses are one of the best choices. There are several advantages to strawbale houses the type of sustainable housing that combines straw bale building and timber framing in a harmonious design. Straw bale green buildings and timber frames are very compatible, beautiful, and stand the test of time when it comes to housing options. Straw bale houses are a natural building technique that is also a great option for colder climates.

The use of straw bales in sustainable housing and construction is something that is fairly new when compared to homes like stone, cob, and adobe. The first benefit to building a strawbale home is that it can be a local building material. Using strawbales that come from where you live is a great way to support your local farmers and know where your building material comes from. Straw and strawbales are widely available across the country, and not it's not too surprising that straw usually comes from the same places where wheat and cereals are grown. Areas that people can benefit from living in a well-insulated home. That includes places like the cold north, the midwest, and the northeast United States. Some of the other benefits of strawbale green buildings are that they are fire resistant, easy to build and moisture regulated. Straw bale walls have been subjected to valuable fire-rating tests done by the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the results have proven to be valuable. There have been two different types of strawbale walls tested to include clay plastered and lime plastered walls that have both successfully passed code-recognized testing. Both styles of walls have proven to be more superior then conventional stud and fiberglass walls with regards to fire resistance.

There are several advantages of straw bale homes that extend past local availability of straw, good insulation values, and fire resistance. Building and working with straw bale eco-friendly building materials requires few specialized tools, which make the work very accessible to unexperienced individuals. And both clay and lime-plastered bale walls are vapor permeable, which means that the strawbale building will self-regulate moisture and remain comfortable throughout the four seasons. Another benefit to strawbale green buildings is the acoustic isolation to straw bale walls, and depending on where you are going to build and live this could be an attractive bonus. Straw is also 100 percent biodegradable, and at the end of a straw bale sustainable buildings lifespan, the straw eco-friendly building materials can easily return to the earth, leaving no toxins or waste behind.

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