Fried Cabbage and Noodles

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Side dishes of steamed veggies or boiled potatoes are all well and good, but this fried cabbage and noodles recipe will add a level of comfort to the dinner table. These noodles consist of lightly caramelized cabbage and onions, as well as a hint of bacon. This dish would work well as a side dish to roasted meat and vegetables, or as a main dish recipe all on its own. This easy meal was developed by Martha, the author of A Family Feast recipe blog. This dish was a staple in her Polish grandparent’s household and something she grew up enjoying. Rather than going for more traditional meats like kielbasa, Martha opted for adding Italian bacon, pancetta, which gets very crispy when fried up. With the flavors of sweet cabbage and onions, comforting noodles and savory pancetta, this noodle recipe sure to be a hit.

If you are looking for easy cabbage recipes to get picky eaters to enjoy this humble brassica, this fried cabbage dish is an excellent choice. When cabbage is cooked in butter, its earthy taste is mellowed out, and it becomes very sweet. The onions and pancetta add some contrasting balance to this pasta recipe, which will make the family want to go back for more. Cabbage is such a healthy vegetable to consume because it contains a generous number of nutrients, including vitamin C.. Cabbage was a major food staple to German, Dutch and Scandinavian sailors who would enjoy it in its fermented version as sauerkraut to combat scurvy. Other cabbage nutrients include dietary fiber, calcium, and potassium. From one cup of raw cabbage, a person can get half of their daily recommended vitamin C and nine percent of their daily recommended intake of fiber. This cabbage noodle recipe uses one and a half pounds of cabbage, a generous amount for the entire family.

This cabbage recipe is the epitome of easy dinner ideas because it includes just two pans on the stove and very little preparation. As with many easy pasta meals, you will require a skillet to create the sauce and a pot to cook the pasta. In the case of this pasta recipe, the sauce is more like a stir-fry, where thinly sliced cabbage, onions, butter and pancetta meld to create a rich and flavorful pasta toss. If you want to amp up your pasta game from simple tomato and alfredo sauces, this dish gives Eastern European flair to the usual Italian classics.

Martha recommends preparing this dinner recipe with egg noodles since that is most traditional. Egg noodles are very thin pasta and often cook faster than their Italian counterparts. If desired, however, any noodle variety you have on hand will be a remarkable addition to the comforting cabbage sauce. Consider using shorter cuts of pasta like penne or farfalle, which will ensure you get some cabbage and onion in every bite. Thank you to Martha, the author of A Family Feast recipe blog, for sharing her fried cabbage and noodles recipe with us.

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