FINALLY! The most efficient traps to get rid of fruit flies

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If you are looking for diy ideas for getting rid of fruit flies, you don’t have to look anymore. The website, My Cleaning Solutions, has some information for how to make easy traps for fruit flies, that will eliminate them from your home for the rest of the season. Each of the traps they recommend uses a few items you may already have available to you, which means you won’t have to go out to pick up anything special for the projects. Also, these items aren’t toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans. Rather, these natural home remedies rely on what fruit flies like best to attract them, fermented foods. Once you have tried these simple traps for fruit flies, you will be telling everyone you know how to get rid of fruit flies in their homes as well.

When wanting to get rid of fruit flies, you must understand why they are in your home in the first place. Fruit flies are a type of insect that is attracted to rotting fruit, hence their name. As a result, if you notice them in your kitchen, you will have to figure out what is causing them to be there initially. It could be your fruit basket on the counter, compost bin or garbage disposal that is causing the problem. Once you have figured out what is attracting the flies, you will have to remove it from your kitchen. In the case of fruit, it may have to be refrigerated, or you can buy smaller batches that can get eaten quickly. When it comes to a garbage bin, simply change the garbage more frequently, or take out the compost a few times per day. This should limit the appearance of fruit flies from the vicinity if not get rid of them completely.

The website, My Cleaning Solutions, provides do it yourself home projects that can get rid of fruit flies for the entire season, though, and each of these are very easy to prepare. One of the first methods they provide is also incredibly simple. It starts with a bowl of vinegar mixed with some dish soap. Since vinegar is fermented, essentially it is soured wine, the fruit flies are naturally attracted to it and will drown in it. In this case, the bowl of vinegar may be enough on its own to get rid of the fruit flies, but the addition of the dish soap will help kill the flies if they don’t drown. Another simple method for getting rid of fruit flies would be to add beer to a jar, place plastic wrap over the top with holes punctured into it, and let the flies get trapped inside the jar. In this case, you could substitute the beer with vinegar as well, although you may want to replace it every day since the vinegar smell will mellow out much faster than the beer. If you notice that these traps haven’t gotten rid of all the fruit flies the first time, keep in mind that the new fruit flies could be hatched from eggs laid by the first ones. Just add another round of traps to eliminate the problem completely.

Even if you don’t have problems with fruit flies yet, these traps will be useful tips for life in the future. Fruit flies don’t emerge in a home because of a lack of cleanliness; rather it is a matter of circumstance. The key is to eliminate foods that attract fruit flies from the kitchen initially to prevent them from invading your home in the first place. Once they do, though, these traps can help get rid of them with little effort on your part. Thank you to My Cleaning Solutions lifestyle website for sharing their efficient traps for getting rid of fruit flies.

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