Expert car washer shares 13 cleaning hacks to keep the inside and outside of your car spotless

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Is your car's interior in need of a good cleaning? We have some great cleaning tips from Shareably that will help make the process easier and less strenuous. Just like our homes need a good cleaning regularly, our cars do too. It's always the best when you buy a new car and have that new car scent, and everything is so clean and new. But then life happens, and if you have kids, your car is more likely to see more stains than ever. The very best way to keep anything clean is to stay on top of your cleaning schedule. Just like you probably have a schedule to clean your home once a week, you should plan to clean your car regularly too. Think of what works the best for you depending on how much you use your car and how messy it gets. So if you only use your car a few times a week and keep it pretty clean, you could probably get away with cleaning it once a month or even less. If you use your car every day and have kids, you may want to do a quick tidy up once every week and a good, deep clean once every two weeks if you want to keep it clean.

You could take your car to the professional detailers to save you some time and energy, but you can also do your car cleaning at home on your own. Taking your car to the detailers can easily cost $100 per time you go. But when you do your own cleaning with cleaning tips like these ones, you end up saving all of that money to put to other things. The best part is, all of these cleaning tips involve natural cleaners that won't cause harm to yourself, your family or the environment. Plus, they shouldn't cause any damage to your car like some of the harsher cleaners can, but as always do a spot test before you go full on. You can use Castile soap to clean your car instead of the chemical laden car cleaners. Castile soap is made of plant oils, so it's safe for you and the earth. Car seat cleaners also have tons of chemicals in them, and can be quite pricy. Make your own car seat cleaners for just pennies by mixing white vinegar and baking soda together. Make a paste and rub it into your upholstery or car mats using a brush to really get those stains out. Then just let it dry up and vacuum it up. Not only will this solution remove stains, but it will also make your car smell fresh and clean.

Another way to keep your car smelling great without those fake scented air fresheners is to make your own all natural air fresheners. Just put some baking soda in a mason jar and add in some essential oils. Then take the lid and poke some holes in it so the scent can come out through them. Put the lid on tight and then place the mason jar somewhere it won't get knocked over, like in your cup holder. Not only will your car smell fresh you'll also get the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils. Instead of using Armor All, make your own polishing oil for the interior of your vehicle. Just take a soft cloth and put some olive oil in it and polish your dash board and console area. These are just a few of the car cleaning tips from Shareably, but there are 13 in total so check them all out over on their website.***

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