Easy Cleaning Tip for Grimy Gunk on Your Refrigerator Top

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Keeping your kitchen countertops and appliances in good shape requires cleaning them regularly. Here is an easy cleaning tip for grimy gunk on your refrigerator top and tips on how to keep your kitchen countertop cleaner than ever. You may recall at one point or another, going to reach for something on top of your fridge and feeling the thick, accumulated grease that has collected on top. It's not the nicest thing to encounter, but it does happen from time to time if you forget to give it a wipe regularly. The good news is, there is a way that you can clean up all of this grease and dust and you don't even have to use any expensive cleaner.

Learn how to disinfect refrigerator tops by using some regular baking soda mixed with warm water. That's all you need. Simply make a paste with your baking soda and water by putting your baking soda into a bowl and gradually adding some warm water until it makes a nice thick paste. The grime on top of your fridge can be quite tough to get off depending on how long it's been sitting there. It collects over time from grease and oil particles in the air landing on the fridge and creating the perfect, oily surface for dust and other particulates to land on and accumulate. Over time, the longer it sits, the more it sticks to the fridge top making it really difficult to clean off.

The baking soda and warm water can be placed on top of the fridge, making sure to cover the whole surface area. For the best results, you will want to leave this mixture on there for some time, at least 20 minutes or more. Leaving it on overnight will have really great results, and the baking soda will have so much time to work away at breaking down the oil. Once you have let the solution sit for a period of time, take an old credit card or any other ridged plastic card, and simply scrape off the grime and gunk. It may even come off so easily that you don't need the scraper, but only a cloth. There you have it, you have just learned how to clean and how to disinfect refrigerator tops, and you can use the same solution for the inside of your refrigerator too.

Some more great kitchen cleaning tips include using an old credit card to scrape sticky messes off of your kitchen countertops, or to remove crumbs from your countertops as well. Keep your fridge top and countertops clean by using a homemade countertop cleaner that you can make yourself from water and vinegar. Just mix one part white distilled vinegar to one part water from the tap in a spray bottle and use it regularly to disinfect your counters. No need for any fancy store bought cleaners when you can make your own all natural homemade cleaners. Enjoy these kitchen cleaning tips and more from our home to yours.***

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