DIY Washing Soda: Baking Soda and An Oven

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Have you ever tried washing soda to clean your laundry and your house? If you have, you know it works extremely well, is inexpensive, and easy on the environment. But did you know you can pretty much make it at home yourself? Using this recipe for DIY Washing Soda, using just baking soda and an oven, you may never have to buy a box of washing soda again.

When cleaning our bathrooms and kitchens, doing laundry, and scouring our ovens and refrigerators, it’s nice to have an all-natural cleaning solution on hand, so you don’t have to worry about using toxic chemicals around your home. That’s why DIY natural cleaners are becoming so popular these days. There’s a multitude of do-it-yourself cleaning product recipes available all over the internet, and it’s up to us to go through them, experiment, and choose the best of the lot. Washing soda is an all-natural cleaner that’s become a household necessity these days, as it works so well. It can really power through the laundry, whitening whites and removing those dark spots from clothes. Unfortunately, however, it is becoming more difficult to find at our local shops and supermarkets, and so we’re learning how to take matters into our own hands – by making our own laundry detergent at home.

And what's all the fuss about the main ingredient – baking soda? Baking soda is an age-old all-natural cleaner, something that our grandparents used to use, and their parents before them. It is pure sodium bicarbonate, a salt comprised of sodium and bicarbonate ions. It’s also a natural agent for balancing pH. This means that if it’s introduced to an acid, it will naturally make it more alkaline; if it’s introduced to an alkaline substance, it will naturally make it more acidic. In other words, it’s the perfect neutralizer – that’s what makes it such an amazing cleaner. Because it neutralizes, it can work really well in eliminating odours, diminishing stains, and maintaining a natural balance within your laundry water – that’s why it’s often used as a boosting agent for your regular laundry detergent. It simply makes everything work better. In addition to cleaning, baking soda can also work well in all-natural homemade beauty products, such as a toothpaste, facial scrubs, breath fresheners, deodorants, skin cleansers, shampoo enhancers, bath powders, foot soakers, and brush cleaner. Baking soda can also work wonders in natural home remedies for itchy skin, insect bits, and antacids.

As a cleaner, you can also use it to clean your microwave, clean your oven, your fridge, your furniture, shower curtains, car, and baby clothes. There’s simply no end to what baking soda can do, and it’s always a good idea to have a few boxes around the house – don’t forget to add one to the fridge, as well, to keep it smelling fresh and clean.

This awesome DIY washing soda recipe comes from Jessica Lane over at the 104 Homestead website, where you can learn lots more DIY homemaking tips and read inspiring homesteading stories.*

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