Combating dust the green way

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Dust is inevitable in the home since it builds up on surfaces and floors within very short amounts of time. Dust can be made up of anything, whether it be pollen, hair, skin particles, food particles or dirt from outdoors. You may think that you need to use harsh chemical cleaning solutions to remove dust, but it isn’t necessary if you are a green monster and prefer to limit the use of chemicals in your home. Moreover, toxic cleaning products are not the best for humans to ingest, leading to health-related issues, and therefore, other options are required. Vivian, a contributor to the Green Living Ideas website, has figured out how to combat dust the green way, by using a few natural cleaning products and preventative measures. It is possible you already have the tools you need to get working and green clean your home.

The most ingenious cleaning measure may also be the simplest. Vivian instructs to use water to wipe down dusty surfaces, which eliminates the need for chemical cleaning products. Start with a soft cloth that is damp with water and wipe each surface to pick up the coating of dust. If desired, you could pick up some microfiber cloths, which are reusable and designed for sanitising surfaces without any other cleaner, just water. For surfaces that have harsh stains, you may want to apply more water and move the cloth in a circular motion to pick up the dirt. Water has to be one of the best non toxic cleaners because it is available in the home already and isn’t harmful to people or the environment. There are so many homemade eco friendly cleaners using vinegar or baking soda that start with water. Whenever in doubt when cleaning your home, just use water mixed with your favourite natural sanitizer, and you should be able to achieve good results.

Although you may be tempted to use water to clean everywhere in your home now, it isn’t the best solution for everywhere. Since wood surfaces are porous, they shouldn’t be cleaned with water, because the wood will absorb the water and make the pores larger than they already are. Instead, it will be a good idea to rely on Vivian’s other household cleaner involving fresh lemon juice and olive oil, which will clean wood floors effectively. This cleaning mixture will remove the dust easily, but will also condition and protect the wood because of the addition of the olive oil. The lemon will help sanitise the surface and add a refreshingly clean scent. No matter if you need to know how to remove spots from a hardwood floor, wooden coffee table or book shelf, this lemon-based cleaning solution will be a perfect choice.

Beyond Vivian’s house cleaning tips, she also identifies the importance of sealing the home to the outside, whether it be tiny cracks or openings. If you find you have plenty of dust residue in your home, it may not be because of inefficiency in cleaning, but rather because there is a crack somewhere in your home or an area where dust gets in easily. Always check for potential areas where dust can get in and do the proper thing, like sealing with caulking or silicone sealer. Now that you have all the information on sealing your home and cleaning every day and wooden surfaces removing dust will be very easy. You also won’t have to worry about your family ingesting chemical-based products or harming the environment. Thank you to Vivian, the author of Green Living Ideas, for sharing her instructions on cleaning dust the green way.

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