Cheap Easy Cleaning Tip for Sink and Taps

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Do you want to make your stainless steel sink sparkle and shine? Here's a cheap, easy cleaning tip for your kitchen sink and taps, to get them looking like brand new. There's nothing quite like walking into your kitchen and having it look nice and clean. It's like a blank canvas that you can create anything on. Any meal you like, with plenty of space to create it in. The kitchen is understandably one of the messiest rooms of the house, especially if you make and eat all of your meals at home. Many people enjoy making their own meals at home because it's healthier, but it can also be more affordable too. Think of the costs of eating out every day, over time, this can really add up. While eating at home is more affordable it does create more of a mess in the kitchen too, so it's great if you can find ways to keep on top of your kitchen cleaning so that you always have a fresh clean slate to work with.

Whether you are cooking or just making a fresh salad, you will always use your kitchen sink during the cooking and clean up process of meal making. Learning the best way how to clean the kitchen sink will not only make your kitchen look cleaner, it will also create a clean, bacteria free environment to cook and prepare meals. Water and acidic foods can corrode the stainless steel in your sink over time and cleaning your sink every day or at least once a week is the best way to combat these stains. You can also apply this method on how to clean the kitchen sink to a sink that hasn't had a good cleaning in a while and enjoy a sink that looks like it's brand new when you're done. It helps to think of this cleaning method like cleaning your car, buffing, cleaning, rinsing and waxing and it will give you that shine you had when you first got your sink installed.

All you need for this easy cleaning tutorial is some natural baking soda, dish soap, vinegar and water. Use some scrubbing tools like scrub pads and brushes to get into the tough to reach areas too. You basically add in the ingredients, the dish soap, vinegar, baking soda and water to the sink basin with the drain closed and allow it to get really bubbly, and to sit for a few minutes.

While the solution is still in the sink scrub away with your scrubbing tools really well making sure to spend some time on the really tough spots before you drain the sink of the solution. Then you take some hydrogen peroxide, cream of tartar and rubbing alcohol to buff out any trouble areas, rinse it out and then polish up the sink with some olive oil and a rag. It's amazing what some natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can do to bring new life to your home's fixtures. Try it out for yourself.***

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