Blueberry Pie Bars

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If you’re not into making pies, this easy Blueberry Pie Bars recipe will do the trick for you. It’s kind of like a pie but far more easy and straightforward to make. There is no need for a rolling pin unlike when making a pie crust or for a mixer to be switched on. Quick desserts recipes like this one not only save time but also are easy to serve. By combining simple ingredients from your pantry, you get soft and buttery bars with a delicious shortbread crust and a creamy blueberry filling on top along with a crumbled topping. This dessert is the kind of recipe that will crumble in your mouth with all sorts of textures such as soft, chewy, crispy and creamy. The blueberries and Greek yogurt do add a bit of nutritional value to this recipe making it a healthier dessert to eat for kids and grownups. Easy dessert recipes that use real fruit are budget-friendly and fuss-free without having to use a complicated list of too many ingredients.

Besides the health factor, blueberries are delicious little beauties that bring a distinct flavor to dessert recipes. The nutritional value of blueberries mainly comes from high dietary fiber and iron present in it. Blueberries are also a great source of Vitamin B6 and C and free from practically cholesterol and fat. Since they are also low in sodium, it's another great reason why you should make a fresh fruit dessert like this one. Although it’s easier to make this recipe in the summer because of how cheap fresh blueberries can be, you can use frozen blueberries in the off season and still enjoy these bars all year round. One easy tip to remember if you plan on using frozen blueberries is to keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to toss them in just before baking. Thawing frozen blueberries hours before making the dessert not only adds up too much extra water content to the dessert but also make it runny which can ruin the chances of achieving a perfect result.

If you prefer to add the sour cream in this recipe, you could use the full-fat or even go with light sour cream. Both work well and the texture will not make much of a difference. Just keep in mind that two tablespoons of full-fat sour cream include 60 calories, while the fat-free sour cream has only 25 calories. Also, remember to let these bars set completely in the fridge for several hours before serving them. If you are tempted cut them while they’re still hot, the bars might not hold well and fall apart. So just to avoid that kind of a messy situation, it’s worth waiting until they cool off completely. If you want to add a bit more decadence to these bars, you could add extra toppings like chopped pecans, almonds, or any of your favorite nuts. Adding nuts to these bars adds to the health factor even more. You can also place different fruits cut up on top of these bars as a garnish like different kinds of berries, kiwis, peaches, bananas, etc. You can never go wrong with desserts that have fruit in them if you ever choose to add more variety of fruits.

Thank you to Averie at the Averie Cooks food blog for sharing this Blueberry Pie Bars recipe with us. Do visit Averie’s blog for more quick dessert recipes. This recipe for blueberry bars will surely make your family feel special and adds a sweet little charm to the already wonderful family meals at your dinner table.

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