Banana Pudding Lush Cake

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Cool dessert recipes always make summers even more special. The creamy cool texture of this delicious Banana Pudding Lush Cake recipe is a fantastic idea for making a poke cake dessert. There is something very satisfying about eating chilled bananas coupled with whipped cream and cake. This recipe comes together well with a layer of yellow sheet cake and a delicious vanilla pudding filling inside and then a layer of whipped cream on top. The cake soaks up the banana pudding perfectly and then served with crushed Nila wafers sprinkled on top along with real bananas for garnish. You can never go wrong if you add mixed nuts, caramel or chocolate shavings as a garnish along with the wafers.

Not only are bananas very healthy but also flavorsome when added to desserts. To prevent the bananas from discoloring, you can toss them in lemon juice before adding the bananas on top of the dessert. This recipe for poke cake uses a box cake mix but if you prefer making your personal favorite yellow cake recipe from scratch, do so by all means. A healthier option in the place of a regular cake mix would be to substitute it either with a gluten-free cake mix or sugar-free cake. Likewise, when making the pudding, it is better to prepare it from scratch at home by using real ingredients instead of the instant pudding. Not only does instant pudding have artificial flavors and preservatives, but also it seems like a bit of a compromise regarding the taste. You can see for yourself the difference and might agree to the fact that if you ever give it a try to make a homemade pudding, it will taste much better than the instant one. However, having said that it’s ok to use instant pudding mix in moderation especially if you don’t have too much time on hand or if you have guests coming in the last minute.

Poke cake recipes by far are one of the most fun desserts and go well with all occasions. There is so much you can do to make poke cake recipes even more fun. Whether it’s combining different flavors together or just sticking to one flavor, poke cakes never let you down. Always remember to reach the skewer all the way to the bottom of the cake when poking holes through the cake. It's best if you make as many holes as you possibly to let the filling distribute well in the cake. Do not let your pudding cool at any cost otherwise; it will make filling the holes very challenging. Also, the thick filling may not seep completely into the holes and prevent the cake from soaking. The best way is to fill the cake is while the pudding is still hot because of its pourable consistency. In this case, you can pour the vanilla pudding into the cake while the pudding is still warm. If you have a hard time getting the filling into the holes, try using a Turkey baster or a spatula to press the mixture well down into the cake.

This dessert recipe is a fantastic combination of a banana cream pie and a banana cake. The light and airy texture of this dessert will make your guests drool for more helpings. Thanks to the food blog My Incredible Recipes for sharing this heavenly Banana Pudding Lush Cake recipe with us. For more cool dessert recipes and poke cake recipes do visit the website. This recipe for poke cake is unique and will not disappoint your taste buds. Try making this banana heaven today!

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