Almond Joy Brownie Bars

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Did you ever wonder what would happen if you gave a nutty and crunchy twist to your regular brownie recipe? Try this almond joy brownie bars recipe to take your love for brownies to the next level. You’ll be addicted to them. These brownie bars are fudgy, dense and layered with a sweetened cream cheese and coconut topping along with salty roasted almonds and drizzled with a silky chocolate glaze to finish off the top layer. When it comes to fun desserts, perhaps there is nothing better than a mouthful of fudgy brownie. You can make a batch of this cream cheese brownie recipe and store them sealed in an airtight jar for several days. Make these bars for special occasions like birthdays or during the holidays. You can even gift your loved ones a box of these chocolate treats.

Coconuts are a superfood with a unique combination of fatty acids with so many positive effects on our health. Adding coconut flakes to desserts give it a natural sweetness with a dense texture that makes it very flavorsome. You can substitute the sweetened coconut flakes with the unsweetened ones to cut down the excess sugar. You can find unsweetened coconut at any health food store which is sometimes called as ‘desiccated’ coconut. The most frugal way of making unsweetened coconut flakes on your own is by throwing coconut bits into a food processor or a coffee grinder and blend them until you get a course texture. Besides the several health benefits that come from unsweetened coconut nutrition, it is also low in carbs and loaded with fiber. Unsweetened coconut nutrition mainly comes from lauric acid with several antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The one thing that always gets conveniently overlooked is the fact that coconuts are also very high in saturated fats. Saturated fats are essential fats, but moderation is always the key. As a healthy option, you can substitute the white sugar with coconut palm sugar.

In this recipe, you can also add raisins or dates for that unusual twist of natural sweetness. For making a healthier chocolate glaze topping in this recipe, you can opt for dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate or any chocolate with at least 70 percent or more cacao in it. This ensures less sugar and processing in the chocolate and yields maximum health benefits as well. Dark chocolate also contains fiber and iron and a powerful source of antioxidants. It has been proven to improve cardiovascular health as well. A great dairy-free brand for vegans is Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Thank you to Allie at the Baking A Moment food blog for sharing this delicious Almond Joy Brownie Bars recipe with us. Do visit Allie’s blog for more simple dessert recipes. This chocolate coconut brownie bars recipe is exceptionally tasty and one-of-a-kind among fun desserts. You’ll be in brownie heaven when you taste all the textures and flavors that go into these brownie bars. Make a batch and enjoy with loved ones today!

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