7 Things You May Have Forgotten to Clean

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The day you discover all the things that you have forgotten to clean is the day that you will come and compare your results to this article on 7 Things You May Have Forgotten to Clean. Be ready, of course, the things that you discover could be entirely different, and then your list will get really long. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss.

Places that get ucky and gucky are ones that we usually forget about, but they are important components to a healthy and clean home. Think about all the fans or air purifying systems you might have in your home. They are real workhorses, and can collect a lot of dust (and bugs). So be sure to check every one of them. Start in your kitchen, a place where, because we do so much cooking in there, can really get yucky. Look at the vents on your stove first, and you may be a bit shocked to see how blocked they may have become over time. Then look at any other vents in the room. Move on to your laundry room, and check out the dryer vent. That could be a real eye opener. In the bathroom, the vent can really get clogged, in part because of the moisture that can help trap and catch all kinds of stuff in the vents. And all of these need to be cleaned, at least annually. Once you do, you may even actively notice that your house seems cleaner and the air, purer.

Check out what else this article may recommend for you to consider when you decide to do your annual cleaning. Our homes are important places to keep clean and fresh, but because we do lots of living, have animals and pets in there, and use it in plenty of ways, our homes sometimes get neglected. Be sure yours is safe and clean.

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