4 Insanely Clever Uses for Nail Polish Around Your House

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There may be more than this number, but here are 4 insanely clever uses for nail polish around your house.

Nail polish has been around for nearly 5000 years. In China, the color of your nails signified your social status. As you might guess, royal red meant that you were of the upper crust.

It was not until about the mid 1930s that nail polish became a ready to wear item. Revlon was the first big name to establish itself in the nails business. And the rest, as we say, is history.

There are now many different kinds and colors of nail polish. And we paint our toe nails too. Usually nail polish has a base coat and a top coat. Top coats today can be either shiny, gel, or matte, depending on the look you want.

Nail polish has historically been worn more by women than men, although men are beginning to wear clear polish at least. There are also different kinds of manicures including the French manicure, where the lower portion of the nail is clear and the upper portion is painted white.

Today, nails can be painted multiple colors, have stickers on them, be scented, glitter, sequins, change color under the light, and do all kinds of fun and fabulous things. Nail polish is worn today just for fun and beauty and does not usually signify any kind of social status. It has moved from the status of something worn just to match an outfit or show off a set of lovely nails to nail art. The movement to nail art increased nail polish sales by 32 percent in 2012.

The thing about nail polish is that, until it is dry, it can be very sticky. That property can allow you to also use nail polish for some rather unorthodox purposes.

This website has uncovered a few of them that go way beyond stopping a run in your stocking (although nail polish has done that more than once, as well).

So when you think you’re through with your nail polish, tuck it in a drawer. It may come in handy sooner than you think.

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