31 Creative ways to REUSE Plastic bottles

Photo Credit: One Good Thing By Jillee

More and more, people are displaying concern about environmental factors and are wanting to find ways to limit what they are adding to landfills and the amount of garbage their household produces. One culprit is the number of plastic bottles that are found in the home. Plastic bottles are the result of purchasing bottled soda or water, but for those who live in an area where clean drinking water is hard to come by, buying bottled beverages are often the only choice. Luckily, if you are looking for ways to help the environment, but are stuck with plastic bottles because you have to, Jillee, the author of One Good Thing lifestyle blog has some ways to recycle them. Each of the crafts on her blog outlines a fascinating use for plastic bottles, and you will be sure to find at least one that intrigues you enough to try.

In a world where people want everything new, it is hard to shift focus and figure out how to use what we have instead. Little-known until now is that plastic bottles can be used in a magnitude of tasks, whether it is a holder for sweets, a pencil case or a pouch to store a charging cell phone. Jillee shows that plastic bottles can be reused for fun projects to do at home. Store-bought pencil cases sometimes get lost, or they tear, but by making a homemade pencil case with an empty water bottle, you will have something that is sturdy and is less likely to break. You also will not have to worry as much if they get lost, because they are cheap to make and are fast to make, too. To make a pencil case at home, you will require the bottoms of two water bottles. These bottoms will get attached to form a long pencil case. You can choose whatever length you like depending on what you want to store inside. Consider making several of these to store everything from crayons to pencils, erasers or paperclips.

If you are looking for more diy crafts for home, you can even apply empty bottles to the outdoors. If you live in a place without a yard, consider using your waste materials to create a vertical garden. A portion of the bottom of each bottle can be cut out to attach several bottles together. The bottles can be filled with soil and openings can be cut in the side for easy access to the plants. You can also use water bottles for makeshift flower containers outdoors or as a watering can. Water bottles are also a handy irrigation tool for gardeners. You can puncture small holes into a water bottle and bury it in the ground so that your plants have a slow watering system in place. Water bottles are so handy in garden applications because pots or watering cans become damaged through use and weather. By using water bottles, you can replace them on an annual basis without worrying about cost or an abundance of waste.

If you have a lot of bottles in your recycling bin each week, there are thirty-one fun projects to do at home on Jillee’s blog. Each craft ranges from practical uses for the garden to toys for your kids or an efficient use in the home. Whatever type of craft you are searching for, Jillee’s blog article will be sure to have something that appeals. Thank you to Jillee, the author of One Good Thing lifestyle blog, for showing us thirty-one creative ways to reuse plastic bottles.

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