3 tricks for cleaning with vinegar

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You will find a variety of vinegar that add flavor to foods, but more recently, vinegar has become a new trend in cleaning products for the home. The bonus of vinegar as a natural cleaning solution is that it has a high level of acid, as well as antibacterial properties, it is also a safe ingredient to use. Vinegar is also very inexpensive and easy to acquire, and it is a safe product to use within the home, around your family, and safe for the environment. Carrie, the author of the Making Lemonade lifestyle blog, has written about using vinegar as a natural cleaning solution and identified three methods on how to use it. The before and after photos of her cleaning her dirty floor grout are amazing, and enough to make anyone want to try her natural cleaning methods. In fact, vinegar is so effective at sanitizing areas within the home, that it is being used in the school that Carrie previously taught at.

Although white vinegar has a very strong scent, as Carrie says, the smell diminishes quickly after use. If you are the kind of person that can’t stand the smell of vinegar, though, or you would enjoy a fresher scent after your cleaning projects, you could add some fresh lemon essential oil or other essential oils to the white vinegar before use. One of the most amazing cleaning tricks Carrie illustrates involves cleaning tile grout with natural baking soda and white vinegar. When white vinegar and baking soda are applied to a surface together, they have a chemical reaction which helps lift up tough stains, even on tough surfaces that have a lot of grime build-up. As Carrie mentions, her tile grout had seven years of stain build-up that needed to be dealt with, and the mixture of natural baking soda and white vinegar cleaned it all off in less than a half hour. You could use the baking soda and the white vinegar as part of your regular floor cleaning routine, and get all the floors in your house looking spotless.

If you like living green, you will more than appreciate Carrie’s method for how to clean the kitchen sink too. A kitchen sink is a place where food comes into contact often and therefore is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is also an area in the house where the dishes you eat from coming in contact with, and that is why you want to make sure your cleaning solutions are as safe to use as possible. If you are wondering how to clean the kitchen sink in a natural, chemical-free way, you can add natural baking soda and white vinegar to the drain, wait for it to foam, and rinse with water. Natural baking soda and water will have a similar foaming action without the vinegar, but the white vinegar sanitizes as it helps get rid of bacteria and smell.

If you are wanting more ways of cleaning your home with white vinegar and natural cleaning solutions, Carrie has a recipe for cleaning a bathtub without the use of chemicals. The process includes vinegar and baking soda as well, along with the addition of Dawn dish soap. If you plan on using vinegar for sanitizing your home, any vinegar will do, but the most effective one is cleaning vinegar because it has a higher amount of acid. Thank you to Carrie, the author of the Making Lemonade lifestyle blog, for sharing her three simple tricks for cleaning with vinegar. On the site, you will find fresh ideas for the home and family. **

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